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Top 10 Car Lease Deals at Eden

Finance a new car from Eden and you’ll be able to have a new car every few years at a surprisingly affordable cost. As Eden has special relationships with its manufacturers, we can also get great deals and secure stock, so you might be able to find a car faster and cheaper. Join us as we talk through some of the top hybrid car lease deals on the market.

Which are the best finance deals currently on offer at Eden?

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Vauxhall Corsa –

The Corsa has been an almost permanent feature in the UK top ten sellers list for a reason. The latest model looks great and is packed with technology and safety kit to keep you safe and entertained. It’s also one of the most cost effective cars to finance, and Eden’s experts can talk you through the options – including the exciting electric Corsa-e.

Vauxhall Grandland –

Whether you are a business user or a family motorist with a spirit of adventure, the new Grandland is an SUV that combines head-turning looks with practicality and surprising frugality. It’s available in plug-in hybrid, petrol and diesel versions and all offer great value when financed through Eden.

Peugeot 308 -

The New 308 has enough style and quality to make it a real alternative to the prestige German brands, yet it is still cost effective to lease through Eden. The family-sized five door hatchback is packed with innovative and practical technologies, while the choice of tax and fuel efficient plug-in hybrid, petrol or diesel engines mean you’ll be able to find your perfect blend of efficiency and performance.

Peugeot 2008 –

If you want the style and practicality of an SUV with the tiny bills of a supermini hatchback, then you need look no further than the 2008. This sharp-looker has a 410-litre boot which is usefully bigger than the average family hatch, while space across the back row of seats gives you plenty of space for the school run. When you finance a 2008 from Eden there’s a choice of petrol or electric power and manual and automatic transmissions.

Hyundai Ioniq –

With fuel prices soaring, all of us are looking for ways we can save at the pumps, and the Hyundai Ioniq offers a way to slash the amount you’ll spend on petrol without compromising of style or comfort. Three versions are available: the hybrid doesn’t need plugging in but increases efficiency by harnessing energy while you brake. If you can plug in, the PHEV and full electric versions offer even more savings. All are available through Eden financing.

Hyundai Tucson –

Hyundai’s stunning new Tucson is one of the most talked-about SUVs on the market thanks to its cutting-edge styling and innovative technology. The inside looks as good as the exterior and there is plenty of space for all the family. Financing through Eden will give you the choice of electrified powertrains, ranging from a mild-hybrid to a full PHEV. All will keep running costs low and have the back up of Hyundai’s 5-year warranty.


Beloved by business users and family motorists alike, the all-electric MG5 EV is attracting an almost cult following thanks to its unbeatable value and luxury car-rivalling comfort levels. The family-sized estate car is uniquely practical and efficient, with a 510-litre boot and 250 mile range between recharges. It’s also packed with technology and safety equipment. Best of all, it’s finance rates through Eden are incredibly good value.

Fiat 500X –

We all love the cute and friendly looks of the Fiat 500, but some of us need a little more room than a city car can offer. The 500X crosses the retro styling with a larger SUV style body which has five doors for practicality and far more space inside. The inside has classic looks too, but the technology is bang up to date with plenty of tech as standard. Power is supplied by Fiat’s efficient petrol engines, which keep costs low – as will Eden’s low finance rates.

Suzuki Vitara –

Suzuki is famous for building great value SUVs which combine real off-road ability with practicality and low running costs. The latest Vitara is no exception, with a 1.4 Boosterjet turbocharged mild hybrid petrol engine which delivers strong performance with exceptional fuel economy and a choice of manual or automatic transmissions. Versions with ALLGRIP 4-wheel Drive technology will tackle whatever the road throws at you too.

Mazda MX-5 –

You’ve worked hard, so why not treat yourself to an MX-5? This legendary car will never fail to put a smile on your face, especially when the sun is shining and you can drop the roof and feel the wind in your hair. And while this award-winning roadster might look a million dollars, it is surprisingly affordable to finance through Eden. The Skyactive engines mean it has the fuel economy of a small hatchback too.

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