MG5 EV Introducing the MG5 EV From £409 per month

MG5 EV For Sale


The new MG5 EV offers a great value, high quality and long-range fully electric estate car with up to 250 miles of driving range! This means that it can travel for many hours without having worry about running out power or needing recharging.

The MG5 EV brings together practicality and performance with its 578-litre luggage capacity, which can grow up to 1,456 litres when you fold down the seats. This vehicle offers plenty of room for five people on board as well! In city ranges it's powered by an efficient electric motor that delivers 334 miles before needing recharging.

The new MG5 EV is a real game changer. There's no other car like it on the market. Pop into Eden, where our product specialists have some amazing deals for everyone who walks through those doors.

Exterior It’s comprehensively equipped whichever trim level you choose and is both a handsome and hugely practical car that’s perfect for business use, family life or the day-to-day commute.
Interior But more than that, it offers tremendous value for money, backed up by a seven-year MG warranty. It’s also compatible with most fast charging systems, meaning you can top up the battery from 20-80% in less than an hour, while a full charge on a home wallbox can be easily achieved overnight in just 7-8 hours.