Hyundai eSENSEtials Servicing

Is your Hyundai vehicle over 5 years old and outside of it's warranty period? Hyundai have created the eSENSEtial Servicing programme to cover vehicles out of their warranty period. As a member of the eSENSEtials programme, you can be assured access to a programme that delivers fixed rates on a range of services at your nearest Eden Hyundai retailer, without the worry of paying a premium price for the privilege or unexpected bills. All eSENSEtials programmes include up to 12 months free AA breakdown cover as standard (average worth £135), and you can choose to include your MOT at a fixed price of £40.

There are 3 eSENSEtials Servicing Tiers:

Base Service
Includes 23 key vehicle checks and actions. The Base Service is suitable for those who want a cost effective service with all the advantages of Hyundai Dealer servicing.

Interim Service
Includes 32 key vehicle checks and actions. The Interim Service is suitable for those who want a cost effective, but more in depth service with all the advantages of Hyundai Dealer servicing.
Full Service
Includes 39 key vehicle checks and actions. The Full Service is the top level in the Hyundai eSENSEtials Programme and is suitable for those who want a cost effective, but comprehensive service following their natural servicing schedule with all the advantages of Hyundai Dealer servicing
ServiceFrom £99 From £169 From £229
& MOT (Optional)£40 £40 £40
Total Cost Including MOTFrom £139*From £209*From £269*

*SUV Supplement + £20

What is included with each eSENSEtials Service?

Base ServiceInterim ServiceFull Service
  • Hyundai Roadside Assistance and Accide Aftercare registration
  • Check all systems with Hyundai GDS
  • Full vehicle health check
  • Reset service reminder system
  • Replace engine oil and filter
  • Inspect engine coolant
  • Check tyre pressures
  • Inspect brake discs (front and rear)
  • Inspect fluid leaks
  • Lubricate hinges and locks
  • Inspect cabin filter
  • Road test the vehicle
  • Anti-perforation body check
  • Wash and vacuum the vehicle
  • Inspect brake and clutch fluid
  • Inspect parking brake
  • Check the air conditioning system
  • Inspect alternator oil hose and vacuum hose
  • Inspect the fuel system, tank and lines
  • Inspect driveshafts and boots
  • Inspect all wheel bearings, bolts and nuts on the chassis and body

You can be assured of:

  • Work completed by qualified Eden Hyundai Technicians
  • A 2 year Hyundai warranty on all parts that are fitted
  • A Hyundai stamp in your vehicle service book
  • Your Hyundai Digital Work Record updated (if applicable)
  • Up to 12 months Hyundai Roadside Assistance

Includes all base level checks plus:

  • Replacement of the air cleaner
  • Replacement of the fuel filter (in diesel models)
  • Inspect turbo and intercooler hoses
  • Inspect parking brake shoes
  • Inspect the drive belt
    Replace brake fluid
  • Replace clutch fluid
  • Remove and rotate road wheels
  • Check parking brake (and adjust if required)
Includes all base and interim level checks plus:

  • Replace spark plugs (in petrol models)
  • Inspect the fuel filter (in petrol models)
  • Replace engine coolant
  • Inspect the transfer box oil (4WD only)
  • Inspect the rear axle oil (4WD/rear wheel drive models only)
  • Inspect transmission oil
  • Replace cabin filters

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Aftersales at Eden Hyundai

Here at Eden Motor Group, we care about your entire Hyundai journey and offer exceptional customer service long after you’ve purchased a brand-new or Approved Used Hyundai. At our dealerships in Basingstoke, Reading, Wokingham and High Wycombe, our Hyundai-trained technicians work tirelessly to ensure that your vehicle remains in impeccable condition throughout its lifespan.

Regular servicing is part of responsible car ownership. It will keep your vehicle safe and running smoothly which is why we offer manufacturer-approved maintenance. This includes Hyundai-specific services, MOT, bodywork repairs and more. Our workshops are some of the best in the business, equipped with all the latest equipment, and we only use genuine Hyundai parts and accessories, each of which comes with a manufacturer’s warranty.