Affinity Offers - Save up to £5,716!

Affinity is an amazing way we can offer fantastic discounts on our entire range of Hyundai models to employees of select organisations,
as well as their family members and retired employees.

We have a huge list of our available Affinity offers below, so take a look and once you've found the one that's right for you,
get in touch and we'll have you driving away in no time!

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How it Works

We have a superb range of Hyundai's available, but as an Affinity customer, you have the added benefit of driving away in one for less!

How do I enrol?


To see if you are eligible for offers, check with your organisation to see if they’re part of Affinity with Hyundai. If so, you’ll need their Affinity code to register.

If you're not sure whether your organisation is eligible, or would like further information on how to enroll, email our dedicated Affinity support team on

Who is eligible?


The Affinity scheme is offered to employees of select corporate organisations or retired employees receiving a pension from an eligible company. Proof of employment will need to be supplied upon the purchase of a vehicle. The scheme is also extended to immediate family and step relations.
There is no need to reside at the same address or have the same surname, but proof of relationship needs to be provided whether it be eg. marriage certificate, birth certificate, utility bill. along with a signed letter confirming the relationship from the Affinity partner who is entitled to the scheme.

Please note, the following relatives are eligible for the scheme: Wife/Husband or Partner, Mother/Mother in Law, Sister/Sister in Law, Daughter/ Daughter in Law, Son/Son in Law, Father/ Father in Law or Brother/Brother in Law. Step relations within this list are also permitted. No other relatives are eligible for this scheme.