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Mazda has refreshed its MX-5 for the 2022 model year, introducing clever suspension technology across the range and a new colour option. The biggest update for the 2022 Mazda MX-5 is the addition of its Kinematic Posture Control (KPC) chassic control system designed to improve stability when cornering without negatively impacting handling or driver engagement. Customers can now also purchase the vehicle in a new paint finish: Platinium Quartz Metallic. After winning multiple awards that can stretch to the bottom of this page, it’s hard to find fault in the MX-5.

Attractive Attitude, Sharp Design

Slick geometrical features give the eyes a taste of what's to come when driving the MX-5, revealing a perfect balance between a high-end sports car and an attractive, approachable everyday driver. Mazda's new Platinum Quartz Metallic colour option provides a new perspective on their award-winning Kodo design. There are 7 colours in total to choose from, including the famed Soul Red Crystal Metallic so you can tailor your vehicle to your choice of colour.

Unparalleled Driving

The new KPC system gives you more stability when cornering by applying a small amount of brake force to the inner rear wheel which pulls the body down and suppresses body roll. This subtlety helps provide more reassuring cornering without compromising handling or road feel. A punchy, well-handled engine that's eager to please is at the heart of the MX-5's driver-centric design, offering a poised power that's just waiting to be tapped into with the press of the pedal. 

Everyday Excitement ​

The alloy wheels, LED lights and sporty stance are just enough to transform your car into something sleek. The black soft top creates a cohesive look with any exterior colour while also highlighting the low profile of this vehicle. If you want a day out in style with a friend or partner, the MX-5 will chauffer you there in comfort and boastful economy. As a testament to affordable sports cars, each generation of the MX-5 has continued to deliver in terms of looks, driving feel and attitude.

Supreme Cabin

The interior of the 2022 Mazda MX-5 has been designed to make you feel comfortable and in command at all times. The driver-centric cabin features an easy and accessible control layout, as well as supportive sports seats that fit your body perfectly for ultimate comfort during long journeys. With a lower seating position, smooth gearbox and luxury cabin of heated leather seats and more, you’ve got to give the MX-5 all the praise it deserves.

Mazda engine technologies

Mazda's SKYACTIV engines are dynamic and powerful - delivering great performance, excellent fuel efficiency as well as meeting strict emissions requirements. The best thing about these machines? You have to experience it for yourself!

Kodo: soul of motion design Mazda has a unique design that is captivating and alluring. The “Kodo: Soul of Motion” features beautiful proportions, flowing lines with dramatic contours to capture the spirit in motion from when you get behind their wheel.
Light stone nappa leather The beautiful and luxurious Light Stone Nappa Leather seats in our GT Sport Tech grades offer a smooth, quality feeling that will enhance your driving experience.