Mazda Service Plans

Our comprehensive service plans are designed to give you peace of mind when it comes to servicing your Mazda. Whether you’ve bought a new or Approved Used Mazda model, you’ll benefit from our professional aftersales support at affordable prices.

What is a service plan?

Paying for servicing in one go can be costly, that’s why we offer service plans that split the cost over flexible monthly payments. This way you’ll receive premium-level expertise without breaking the bank. We will ensure you get a fair payment schedule suited to your needs that takes into consideration mileage, length of ownership, parts prices and labour expenses. After you have set up the direct debit, simply wait till your next service is due and then contact Eden Mazda to arrange the most convenient time for your servicing work to be completed.

What do I get with a service plan?

A range of services are available when you have the security of an extensive service plan. From MOTs, servicing and health checks, to competitive discounts on wear and tear repairs, by arranging a service plan you can enjoy the very best are from our cutting-edge service centres. Fully-trained technicians are on hand, using genuine Mazda parts to maintain your vehicle as best possible. What’s more, a service plan ensures you enjoy this expert care throughout ownership.

What deals are on offer?

Fixed Price

One-off payment

Covers up to 3 years or 37,500 miles


Pay Monthly

Longer term payment schedule

Affordable monthly payments

The two most popular packages are the fixed-price and pay monthly options. Fixed-price servicing involves a one-off payment which gives you three years, or up to 37,500 miles (whichever you reach first), of simple, hassle-free servicing. Choose a pay monthly service plan and you’ll gain all the advantages of expert care while benefitting from a longer-term payment schedule. The costs will be spread and you’ll still receive the focused and precise support of our Mazda-trained specialists. To find out about the service plans best suited to you, contact Eden Mazda today.