Eden’s New Cars 2023

Every year, the automotive industry gets a little bolder with its new cars. There’s good reason to get excited about our new cars in 2023 because we at Eden can’t get enough of their potential! From putting a sportified twist on a fan favourite hatchback to an electric powertrain that gives regular sports cars a run for their money, your next favourite car may very well be found below. Who knows? You might even find yourself taking one for a test drive sooner than you might think. Peek below to find out why we are so excited about this year of cars!

Loved Cars with Big Updates 2023​

Vauxhall Astra GSe. The Astra has always been in our hearts for its superb handling, liveable interior, and refined driving appearance. In the Grand Sport Electric (GSe) model, the needs of those who want a poised dimension to the Astra are answered. A lowered body, along with improved steering through unique springs, gives the Astra an updated attitude to tackling the roads. Bespoke Koni-branded selective dampers also provide a greater handling performance for a dynamic driving experience. If that’s not enough, 43 miles of pure electric range and up to 256 mpg is sure to impress those with a practical interest.

Vauxhall Grandland GSe. For those who couldn’t get enough of the adored Grandland, the GSe variant is sure to catch your attention and then keep it. The GSe’s sportified aspects are tailored to this family SUV to answer the call for premium performance. A plug-in hybrid powertrain with dual electric motors provides a consistent 300hp output at any speed which, in tandem with GSe precision tuning, delivers a truly next-level driving experience in a still practical SUV. Up to 217.3 mpg will allow you to continue driving the Grandland GSe to your heart's content.

Hyundai IONIQ 5 N. As another addition to Hyundai’s ‘N-Series’, the IONIQ 5 N is the first all-electric performance model from Hyundai. While official figures are yet to be released, sneak peeks show a full reveal this July. Trial tests of the IONIQ 5 N show up to possibly 740Nm of torque, 0-60mph in less than 4 seconds, and an abundance of sporty trinkets (exciting, we know). The original model has already bagged multiple awards for electrified family practicality, but the N-series is taking this to a whole new level. Bigger wheels for better traction, an updated spoiler for high-end performance, and a large battery with a 300-mile range are but a few alluring updates to get you excited for its release.  

Mazda 2 2023 Update. This practical little car can handle both cities and open roads with ease, and after a few moments in the Mazda 2, it’s easy to see why the 2023 update was so well-earned. A refreshed front end with a new grille featuring a yellow accent tab reintroduces the Mazda 2 with a futuristic feel. The revamped model line-up gains a more distinctive appearance, while the tried, tested, and loved 1.5L Skyactiv petrol engine on the previous model remains untouched – promising punchy performance and boastful economy.

Eden’s New Electric Cars 2023​

Hyundai IONIQ 6. Launched in our showrooms in April, the IONIQ 6 quickly turned viewers into buyers due to its unmistakable aerodynamic look, impressive specifications, and advanced features. Offering a cocoon-like interior, the IONIQ 6 redefines driving space through the seamless integration of technology and tailored comfort. It’s clear Hyundai carefully invested in the design of the IONIQ 6, and the result can be most aptly described by its award of ‘World Car of the Year 2023’. It's already showing off. If that isn’t enough, perhaps a 338 miles range, 18-minute charge time, and 5.1 second 0-62mph acceleration will make you want to book a test drive.

All-New Hyundai KONA. With its anticipated release expected in August, the all-new KONA has gravitated futuristic design fanatics from far and wide. Most noticeable is its slick ‘Pixelated Seamless Horizon Lamp’ on the aerodynamic front end, which leads the eyes to geometric wheel arch cladding and finally to the spoiler's satin chrome moulding – all contributing to the addictive look of the KONA. While it’s available in multiple powertrains, a whopping 490-mile electric range with a 43-minute charge time is sure to turn heads. If that’s not techy enough, your ability to precondition the EV battery temperature for optimal charging in the KONA surely will.

Vauxhall Astra Electric. The purest version of the Astra to be released around June will give EV fans a new item on the top of their wish list. We love the Astra, and if you love the sound of the Astra GSe but what to join the growing trend of a fully electric future then the Astra Electric is waiting for you. New high-tech features such as a 20” driver display panel and voice recognition will have you coming back for more, or maybe it’s the muscular and poised front Vizor grille instead. Either way, these features are propelled by a new 114kW electric motor to achieve up to 258 miles of electric range in a mere 30-minute charge time.

Mazda MX-30 R-EV. The award-winning SUV returns to the front of the electric SUV market with a unique and effective approach to EVs. Featuring a rotary engine, the R-EV will house this along with an electric motor in a symbiotic way – it’s driven entirely by the electric motor and assisted by the efficient petrol rotary engine. What does this mean for you? You get the best of both worlds, instantaneous acceleration from an EV motor and a reliably efficient kick from the petrol engine. Up to 400 miles of range is available in the R-EV, but if you are just looking for some pure electric driving, the 53-mile EV range will sure come in handy.

What New Cars Are Coming to Motability 2023?

The Motability scheme allows those with limited access or disabilities to lease new cars using a benefit granted to them by the charity. The turn of 2023 saw many exciting new cars open for Motability and below you can find some of the vehicles we are most excited about due to their excellent practicality, efficiency, and performance.

2023 Hyundai IONIQ 5. Open to the Motability scheme, the IONIQ 5 is a great way to enter the EV market due to its forgiving yet exciting driving attitude. Featuring advanced technologies such as automated parking, zero gear changes and an accessible driver panel displaying information like battery life, navigation, and entertainment, it seems the IONIQ 5 is built for Motability.

2023 MG4. The award-winning MG4 is also an exciting option on the Motability scheme. An extensive list of features comes as standard on the MG4 which places it in such a desirable league for Motability, such as keyless entry and start. This all-electric family car might just tick all the boxes for stylish design – it sure has done so for many already.

The Motability list will naturally extend to include the Peugeot e-308, and Vauxhall Astra Electric. If you love the look of the all-new Peugeot 408, which will soon join the growing Motability list, check out our video below - we've covered everything from specs to pricing.

If you're interested in exploring any of the vehicles in this article, click the link in their respective names above, or, you can speak to one of our experts today to give you everything you need to know about starting your new Motability journey. We look forward to speaking with you soon.