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Where concepts of the imagination fuse with reality, the IONIQ 6 is the harmonisation of both function and form to give rise to a single, seamless entity. As a step beyond its renowned predecessors, the fully electric IONIQ 6 is a four-door saloon that paves the way for a new era of EVs. Delivering a range of up to 338 miles, the powerful 800V battery pays homage to the transcendent craftsmanship of its exterior.


The flowing silhouette of the IONIQ 6 masterfully commands airflow along its body in a way that gives it the lowest drag of any Hyundai product, boosting its efficiency and range tremendously. An elegantly simple exterior comes alive with its futuristic pixilated LED headlights and transparent elements to give it a nature-inspired aesthetic.

Carefully selected contours and tapered lines beckon the eyes to witness a gracefully distinct body, while a low profile, digital mirrors and humble rear spoiler optimise the IONIQ 6 for performance and driver comfort. An array of over 10 rich exterior colours is available so that you can highlight its sculptured aerodynamics to your exact taste.


What lies below the captivating exterior is an impressive system that sets a new benchmark for modern-day EVs. The IONIQ 6 is built on the E-GMP platform, giving users the choice between rear-wheel or all-wheel drive variants, the latter of which asserts a 0-62mph acceleration in only 5.1 seconds. Adapt the IONIQ 6 to your environment as nature intended with paddle-shiftable regenerative braking and by enabling one of the unique 3 driving modes.

The E-GMP platform additionally facilitates faster charging, where its 800V battery can be charged from10-80% in only 18-36 minutes. The choice to take your IONIQ 6 beyond is available with the Ultimate trim, bringing ventilated seats, an electric sunroof, Bose sound systems and much more. Additionally, the ultimate trim employs sustainable materials such as eco-processed leather and recycled yarn which allow the IONIQ 6 to give back even more.


Breaching the veil of the IONIQ 6 brings one to the conclusion that the interior was made in parallel to its exterior, maintaining its sleek and flowing motifs of futurism within. A progressive ambience of lighting is available to customise at your fingertips to illustrate your emotion within this mindful cocoon. Further, the steering wheel of the Ultimate IONIQ 6 is illuminated to display drive mode, voice recognition, charging status and much more.

Feel the greatest sense of safety and convenience in the IONIQ 6 with its driving and navigation assistance, including Lane-keep assist and smart cruise control. The IONIQ 6 additionally has integrated applications on its 12-inch infotainment display that allow you to dedicate charging to pre-allocated times and schedule the interior climate so that you begin every journey from a place of comfort.

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PRE-ORDER The first deliveries of the standard IONIQ 6 are expected to occur within the first few months of 2023, with confirmation that they will be in our showroom in Spring 2023. Pre-orders are available to place at Eden today.
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