Hyundai KONA Introducing the Hyundai KONA Starting From POA



Welcome to the all-new Hyundai KONA, a small, family-friendly SUV with an innovative style, modern design elements and a thrilling powertrain. Muscular, confident and determined, the KONA has a unique flair, holds a crowd effortlessly and knows how to turn heads with its agility and power.


Powered by an efficient 1L turbocharged petrol engine, the KONA utilises this in combination with 48V mild hybrid technology to bring you performance that can be relied upon. Lower CO2 emissions, lower fuel consumption, and up to 120PS of power are but a few features that you can look forward to in the powerful but stylish KONA. This adventurous crossover is available with 4WD for unbeatable grip and comes with cruise control as standard. A fuel economy of up to 47 mpg is found across the SE Connect, Premium and Ultimate models so that no matter how you express your individuality with the KONA, you can count on it to go further. 

The Hyundai KONA has also stepped into the EV market and is ready for the future with Hybrid and Electric models, so be sure to check them out!


​​​Designed for adventurous souls and growing families alike, the Hyundai KONA has all the space you need with its 361-litre boot space. Daytime LED running lights, tinted glass, parking sensors, trailer wiring and more generously come as standard on the KONA. ​Moving up the range to Premium and above, you can enjoy features like electric parking, smart entry, new armrests, a sunroof, and much more. Safety for the family is comprehensively accounted for in the KONA, with features like Forward Collision Avoidance, Lane Keep Assist, Driver Attention Alerting, Blind Spot Warning and more that come as standard - making the KONA not just affordable to run, but affordable to keep. ​


The cost-effectiveness of the KONA extends to its array of balanced tech that comes as standard across the model range. An 8" touchscreen display with smart device compatibility comes as standard on the KONA in tandem with a 10.25" digital supervision cluster. You are in control of the presence of technology in the KONA, with the displays acting as an informative assistant rather than a distraction. The KONA holds true to this philosophy as we move up the range, bringing a Head-Up Display, a reformated 10.25" digital touchscreen, a KRELL Premium Audio System, and wireless phone charging - all accessible in a simple touch but never leaving a feeling of crowdedness.


As a sportified upgrade to the beloved KONA, the KONA N follows a complete overhaul to build upon a remarkably cost-effective SUV to create a versatile, high-performance adventurer. A boosted engine power of 280 PS brings a 0-62mph acceleration of 5.5 seconds - impressive for a still very practical SUV. AN 8-speed dual-clutch transmission generates a smooth driving profile to deliver a consistent feeling of excitement across daily commutes and backroad adventures. On the outside, larger air intakes lace the front end while a dual exhaust rear expresses its high-performance spirit and on the inside, there are additions such as sport bucket seats, a 10.25" HD touchscreen, a racer-like DCT gear shifter, N steering wheel with N-Grin Shift Button and more.

A 2.0L turbocharged petrol engine shows a substantial increase in raw power, where even at lower speeds the KONA N will provide a high responsiveness and thrill. The N Corner Carving Differential is a system integrated into the KONA N to transfer power to each wheel independently depending on the position of the vehicle, creating sharper and more accurate cornering paths. Pair this with the N Power Sense Axle, modulated traction control, and high-performance tyres, and you'll experience an intuitive, hand-crafted driving experience that attends to your desires.


The All-New KONA shows off a dynamic and futuristic styling through a seamless horizon headlight that’s accentuated with clean and distinctive parametric lines across its body. A uniqueness is brought to the All-new KONA that makes it stand apart from typical SUVs, not just through physical features such as the sculpted wheel arch cladding, but also in its range of powertrains – from EV to ICE, each with a unique styling. This urban-centric vehicle boldly answers your needs for a practical living space, tech-savvy intelligence, and unwavering performance.

Stay in tune for the release of the All-new KONA model page on our website so that you can be the first to learn about this masterfully crafted SUV.

Advanced technology

The cabin is also loaded with advanced technology. Notable features include Hyundai’s new head-up display which makes its debut on Premium SE and GT models. This projects key driving information into the driver’s line of sight with class-leading luminance. The floating eight-inch touchscreen also integrates 3D navigation, media and connectivity features and comes with a subscription to LIVE services which offers real-time traffic, weather updates and more.

Striking design You’ll always see the all-new KONA coming thanks to its impressively eye-catching colour palette which includes everything from Acid Yellow and Tangerine Comet to Blue Lagoon, Lake Silver and Pulse Red. Built to be noticed, the Kona also comes with a twin headlamp design, separate LED Daytime Running Lights and a bold, cascading front grille which gives the KONA a dominant, fierce front end.
Refined interior Inside the KONA you’re sure to feel like the King of the Road with this model radiating class and sophistication from every angle. The stunning interior colour packs allow for a dash of personalisation on Premium SE and Premium GT trims with an Acid Yellow exterior being complemented by interior lime accents, for instance. The lime coloured seatbelts are a particular talking point should you wish to make a statement.