Hyundai Kona Hybrid Introducing the Hyundai Kona Hybrid Starting From POA



The new Kona Hybrid has been refreshed and remodeled to take its predecessor's award winning features into the next level with fresh new design enhancements backed up by cutting edge connectivity.


The new design updates for the exterior of this vehicle are just as flashy, with a sleek and sophisticated look that will never go out of style. Plus you can pick from some very cutting-edge connectivity features to make your ride even more enjoyable.


The 42PS electric motor has impressive acceleration and can add extra power at higher road speeds. It's paired with a specially calibrated 1.6-litre GDI direct injection gasoline engine for class leading energy efficiency, delivering 105 PS in total!


The new Kona Hybrid is equipped with features to make your drive more convenient and enjoyable. One such feature, Bluelink Connected Car Services bring seamless connectivity directly into the vehicle through online voice recognition as well as other clever solutions that can be controlled via an app for free up until five years from now.


The 10.25 cluster provides a high-tech edge to the cockpit with its changing colour scheme that changes depending on drive mode: Eco or Sport. The right hand dial displays information about battery charge and power usage.

Advanced technology

The new Kona Hybrid is equipped with both a petrol engine and an electric motor. They work together with the support of a powerful battery to deliver excellent fuel economy and cut down on emissions – switching seamlessly between the conventional engine and electric motor, sometimes using both. And as part of the regenerative braking system, the electric motor also helps slow the car while charging the battery.

Striking design The eye-catching new main bumper flows smoothly into the wheel arch claddings, forming a unique wrap-around armoured belt under the bold new grille. The sporty silhouette is accentuated by the visual connection between the shoulder creases and the sharper, cleaner, more harmonious front end.
Refined interior Inside the KONA you’re sure to feel like the King of the Road with this model radiating class and sophistication from every angle. The stunning interior colour packs allow for a dash of personalisation on Premium SE and Premium GT trims with an Acid Yellow exterior being complemented by interior lime accents, for instance. The lime coloured seatbelts are a particular talking point should you wish to make a statement.