What is the Best 5-Seater Van?

Whether you’re running a business or supporting a family, vans are an obvious solution for millions of people. With so many options out there, knowing whether to choose a 5-seat, 7-seat, large, or small van could save you more than you think. Our top picks of the best small to medium vans with 5 seats can tackle any daily challenge without the worry of missing out on people or cargo space. You may be asking - Why a van with 5 seats? What is the best small van with 5 seats? …Look no further; we have got you covered below.

Do 5-Seater Vans Exist? Why Choose 5 Seats Over 7 Seats?

Our first thought when we think of a van would naturally be a row of three front seats and a hefty cargo space in the back. However, 5-seater vans most certainly exist and provide a more passenger-focused design for your daily operations. 5-seater vans benefit from the option of converting the rear seats into more cargo space when needed, so not only do you benefit from a practical people carrier, but you can also quickly adapt to the extra room when needed.

7-seater vans also follow suit; however, these become more intently focused on passenger carrying, where cargo space is further sacrificed. 5-seater vans allow you to transport your people comfortably while still having enough room for tools, equipment, or goods.

Small Vans with 5 Seats​

Peugeot Partner


There’s a good reason why the Peugeot Partner is seen almost every day on the roads. The degree of flexibility you can choose with engine type is a convincing factor in why many lean toward this van, but what shines is its variation. While the Panel Van model offers three seats in both a standard and long length, it’s the Crew van that takes the spotlight with its 5-seat van capacity. Here, the Peugeot Partner Crew van can be chosen in either fixed or folding seats, where the latter may appeal to those who want to switch between cargo and passenger functions quickly.

A fixed cargo capacity of 4.4 cubic metres on the Crew van version ensures a good deal of practicality no matter the passenger count. With the release of the Peugeot e-Partner, you can prepare for a future of electric-focused driving, making use of its 171 miles of all-electric range and an 80% top-up in just 30 minutes of charging. Other helpful specs are an 800kg payload capacity and 750kg towing capacity.

Vauxhall Combo


Available in both diesel and electric variants, the Vauxhall Combo is another strong contender for the best small 5-seater vans. Like the Peugeot Partner, the Combo’s Crew Van Prime variant provides 5 seats - 2 in the front and 3 in the back. With recent updates the Combo model excelling its popularity, these small vans with 5 seats are something that we’ve been seeing much more of.

These updates include Vauxhall Connect, a quick access button to call for roadside assistance in the case of an emergency or breakdown. Additionally, a 4x4 option will allow you to move your passengers or cargo with confidence no matter where you go. With an abundance of accessory packs available such as the Construction Pack, you can customise the Combo to meet your exact lifestyle needs.

Medium Vans with 5 Seats

Vauxhall Vivaro


If your needs call for a medium 5-seat van, where a more even balance of seating and cargo space is required, then a great place to start looking is the Vauxhall Vivaro. For 5 seats you will need to look for the Prime/Pro Doublecab variant, offering a highly adjustable driver’s seat, front passengers’ seat with under-seat storage and three seats in the rear. The GS variant of the Vivaro, specifically the Doublecab GS, is a viable option for those who seek a sportier style in their van.

With the FlexCargo feature, you can further enhance the capacity of your Vivaro with optional additions, such as upgrading the centre seat backrest to a table, turning the footwells into storage space with foldable outer seats, and more. With electric and diesel variants available, you can be guaranteed a long-distance carrier with great passenger space and a hefty loading capacity of over a tonne and beyond depending on the variant you choose.  

Peugeot Expert


While following the same formula as the Vivaro, the Peugeot Expert goes beyond the typical 5-seat van space to hold 6 passengers along with a series of unique features that might just suit your exact van needs. With two rows of three seats, the Expert offers both electric (with up to 205 miles of range) and diesel (with over 45mpg) variants, the latter giving a loading capacity of up to 1412kg.

With an intelligent multifunction camera, the Expert provides you with speed limit recommendations, active safety braking and more. A selection of three driving modes will also come in handy, with the ‘Power’ mode being a highlight when you need optimised performance to transport heavy loads. A large central touchscreen is a must for many, providing a great visualisation of how the Expert is operating from moment to moment.

Vans with More than 5 Seats

Peugeot e-Rifter


If passenger capacity is your central focus, then a 7-seater vehicle may be your ideal candidate. In this case, we recommend the Peugeot e-Rifter. A great deal of versatility is available in the e-Rifter with a modularity of up to 7-seats, a high-tech interior to match its electrified powertrain, and a great design to top it all off. Classic to the Peugeot fleet is the i-Cockpit, where a high-tech cabin featuring an 8” touchscreen, parking assistance and a thoughtful interior design are but a few features that make the e-Rifter so alluring.

While an all-electric range of 172 miles might be exactly what you need, you can be assured that the combustion variants will deliver on efficiency too with an economy of up to 57.4mpg. Another great feature of the Peugeot Rifter is the option to remove the third-row seats to create more cargo space, effectively turning the vehicle into a functional van.

Vauxhall Movano


If ultimate versatility and space are still a desire that you are waiting to be fulfilled, look no further than the Vauxhall Movano. An abundance of variants are available here, in fact, there are so many we could spend all day going over the combinations. Essentially, you can choose up to 4 lengths (L1-L4) and 3 heights (H1-H3). Beyond this, there are a series of cab models available, where the ‘Crew’ model will provide you with more than the standard front three seats. There’s more: a series of Movano conversions are available too, including Tipper rears, Curtain side cargo space, Drop side and Luton.

To ensure passenger capacity, choose ‘Crew cab’ which will create a four-passenger rear bench seat with under-seat storage to give you seven seats in total. On the Crew variants, you can find a robust 2.2L Turbo diesel engine in a range of power levels offering up to 31.4mpg. Being one of the most sophisticated large vans on the market, the Movano can give you competitive loading capacities, up to a max payload of just over 2 tonnes on the largest dimension settings.

Find Your Next Best Carrier!

While selecting the right 5-seater van for your needs can have a significant impact on your daily efficiency, if you don’t know what you need just yet then don’t worry. The best way to decide is by finding out yourself. You can first ask yourself whether you need 7 seats that can be converted to 5 with little effort, or whether you need a certain amount of cargo space for your daily activities. Once you have a rough idea, book a test drive on a range of different vans, or at least a range of different van variants. Just remember, our experts are here to help you arrive at the best possible decision for you.

So, whether you’re looking to upgrade your business capacity, make a little more room for a new family member, or just need some more breathing room for your daily drives, feel free to browse our stock today and contact our team for a discussion below.

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