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Peugeot Partner & e-Partner



With a stylish, sleek design and over 20 years of being put to the test by the pros, the new range of Partner vans offer an unprecedented level of comfort and convenience. Paired with the option to choose from diesel or all-electric, the Partner is perfect for everyone.


The Peugeot Partner is a model professional. Its proportions are perfectly balanced and the body robust. Inside, there’s ample space for two passengers and the quality cabin has Peugeot’s i-Cockpit with an 8-inch touchscreen.


The STANDARD length offers an optimised load length of 1.81m whilst the LONG length nearly doubles that with a load length of 3.44m. Designed on a variation of the EMP2 platform, manoeuvring the Partner is made easier thanks to its short overhands and short turning circle.


The PEUGEOT i-COCKPIT® arrives for the first time as standard in a commercial vehicle. A modern design combines a large 8” touchscreen and head-up instrument cluster with a compact steering wheel making for a brilliant driving experience.


The e-Partner is available in the same sizes as the diesel variants, with the bonus of zero emissions and a range of up to 171 miles. With the battery under the floor, the e-Partner benefits from the same large useable volume of its diesel counterpart.

Multiflex bench

From the Professional Premium spec level, the Partner comes equipped with a Multiflex bench, providing a flat floor and increasing the load volume by 400 litres and allowing a load length of up to 3.0m & 3.35m on the STANDARD and LONG respectively.

Fully digital cluster All Asphalt Premium spec models come with fully digital instrument cluster as standard. The display is completely customizable and configurable to suit your needs. Using the scroll wheel you can access various display modes to adapt to the driver.
Engines Both the Partner and e-Partner benefit from the EMP2 multi-energy platform offering an uncompromising choice between electric or diesel powertrains. With optimised architecture the e-Partner offers identical load space and driving position to the diesel counterpart.