Welcome to Eden Leasing

Where we provide both Cars and Vans leasing options from 5 manufacturers from the Eden Motor Group portfolio. Offering a wide range of vehicles for both private buyers with Personal Contract Hire & business buyers with Business Contract Hire. We also offer our innovative Karzoom monthly subscription option for those who wish for 1-3 month use that includes insurance and does not require a credit check.

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Why Choose Leasing?

The advantage for using Eden for your leasing needs are that we are an established dealer group that has been running since 2008, operating across 20 sites and we hold the main dealer franchise for Vauxhall, Hyundai, Mazda, MG & Peugeot so can provide you with full sales & aftersales support. We also operate a dedicated leasing team for specialised support.

If you wish to find out more, arrange a test drive, view the models in our showrooms our dedicated brand staff are here to help. Also, unlike most lease providers we can take a part exchange, fit approved accessories or advise you on other purchase options that might suit your needs better.

Personal Contract Hire (PCH)

In simple terms this is leasing a new car where you pay a fixed monthly rental for private individuals. You take possession of the vehicle for an agreed period and mileage, pay an advance payment then monthly fixed payments during the leasing period. At the end of the period, you simply hand back the vehicle and choose the next suitable vehicle for you.

The advantages of PCH are that you have no worry about vehicle depreciation and all vehicles will leave with Road Tax, manufactures warranty and breakdown coverage there is an additional option to select cost effective maintenance plans so that you have worry free motoring.

The pricing structure of a PCH often means you can usually drive a new vehicle for less deposit & lower monthly payments when compared to traditional funding methods whilst benefiting from extra support due to our manufacturers supported programmes alongside exclusive Eden offers.

Business Contract Hire (BCH)

BCH deals work in the same structure as PHC with an advance payment then an agreed period of fixed monthly payments and mileage but is aimed at business users including sole traders, partnerships & limited companies. BCH can be a very attractive way for a business user to get into a new vehicle due to the following.

- Low advance payment
- Fixed monthly rental to help with budgets.
- Free up business working capital allowing for use in other areas with no need to show on balance sheet.
- Tax advantages, some or all of the rental charge can be offset against taxable profits. This includes 50% of the VAT on contract hire payments & 100% of VAT on maintenance packages.
- Flexibility, allows for companies to change with fleet needs and adopt new technology without concerns for future value or unexpected repair costs while under manufacturer’s warranty.
- Range of low Benefit In Kind (BIK) vehicles, BCH is a great way to offer business great deals on low BIK vehicles that reduce company car tax costs so are attractive especially on the Hybrid & Full Electric offerings

We would always advise you to consult with your company accountant on any tax & VAT benefits.

Eden Karzoom Subscription

Eden Motor Group are delighted to partner with leading car subscription service Karzoom to offer our customers another route into a brand new or nearly new car based on a month-by-month basis with monthly payments starting from £XXX. (minimum 1 month – maximum 3 months).

Rather than buying, renting or leasing a vehicle you subscribe with only & 1 month commitment at a time. You have no vehicle depreciation concerns, maintenance, road tax or insurance costs to consider and no long-term commitment.

We offer our entire range of Vauxhall, Hyundai, Mazda, MG & Peugeot cars to suit all needs.