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Edens advice on UK roadtrips

If you have just taken delivery of your shiny new car from Eden, you’re going to want to be driving it as much as possible. And there is no better way to get to know your car than to go on UK roadtrips.

Maybe you have an event such as a wedding or birthday party to attend at the other end of the country, or perhaps you want to visit old friends. If you don’t have an excuse, why not just try going somewhere new and interesting to see the sites, or visit a theme park? With your new car the journey will be as much fun as the destination, especially if you plan carefully. Here’s our advice to make the most of your UK roadtrips.

1. Don’t take the quickest route.

Motorways are convenient and an online route planner will always take you the fastest way. But there is little pleasure to be had in sharing a tedious strip of asphalt with trucks and drivers in a hurry. Instead, ask the route planner to suggest other routes and add waypoints which look interesting. Maybe take a coastal road or try going through an area of natural beauty. If you are abroad, this will save you money too as you’ll not have to pay tolls on minor roads. If you have an electric car such as a Hyundai IONIQ5 or MG ZS from Eden, you’ll discover another advantage – the scenic route is usually more efficient, so you’ll have to charge less!

2. Plan a stop.

If your UK roadtrips are over two hours, it’s likely that you will naturally have to stop to have a wee and to stretch your legs. Service stations are, in general, not much fun and are expensive too. So have a look along your route for other interesting places where you can stop for a break. It could be a tearoom, pub, beauty spot or interesting attraction. You can check reviews and ask advice on websites such as TripAdvisor. If you need fuel or an electric car charge, the cost will almost always be cheaper away from the motorways too. If you have the time, try to fit in an overnight stay to make the trip even more relaxed. Chain hotels such as Travelodge and Premier Inn are surprisingly affordable and offer a guaranteed standard of accommodation, or you can be a little more daring and try an Airbnb, traditional guest house, campsite or just crash on a friend’s sofa!

3. Think about your refreshments. 

Whether you are driving alone of have a car full, planning ahead to keep everyone fed and watered will save you a small fortune, especially compared to stopping at a service station.
A flask of your favourite coffee will mean you don’t need to spend £3+ for a takeaway flat white, and a pre-made sandwich will stop you being tempted by the drive-through.
It's important to keep hydrated too, as it will prevent you feeling tired and losing concentration. Try filling an insulated water bottle or two and slipping in a couple of ice cubes to keep it refreshingly cool. The pre-planned refreshments have other advantages besides being cheaper too. Having reusable containers is better for the environment and the food is likely to be far healthier – especially if you swap the travel sweets for grapes!

4. Make sure your car is well maintained and ready for the trip. 

If you have just bought your car from Eden, our technicians will have thoroughly checked it before handing you the keys. But if you have had it for a while, it is worth doing some basic checks to make sure it is ready for the journey. A member of the Eden staff will be happy to show you how to check basic levels such as the oil, screen wash and tyre pressures.
If your car is due a service or MOT, its best to book it into Eden before you leave on the trip to give you peace of mind that it has been checked over by trained professionals. It’s also going to help you relax if you know you have breakdown cover to protect you if something does go wrong.

5. Pack well for your UK Roadtrips.

Most of us will feel a bit short of space once the car is loaded up with people and then try to add their luggage on top. So you need to think about making the most of the space available. Makes sure the heavy items are kept at the bottom of the boot and always think about safety in an accident. If you are in need of more space, talk to Eden’s experts about the options for tow bars and roof storage solutions which could almost turn your city car into a van!

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