The MG Electric Car Range

Discover the future of electric vehicles with MG! As car brands race to secure their position in the emerging EV market, staying informed is crucial. Don't miss out on your next ideal car. Join us as we introduce the thrilling MG Electric Car range – a perfect blend of reliability, style, and renowned performance. From award-winning eye-catchers to electric powerhouses hungry for adventure, MG has it all. Stay up to date with MG’s latest electrified offerings below.

What are the Most Popular MG Electric Cars?


Let’s go back to when MG confidently arrived in the EV market with the ground-breaking MG ZS EV, renowned for its amazing performance and unexpected affordability. After winning ‘Car of the Year 2022’ at the DrivingElectric awards, the ZS EV’s incredible value for money has continued to win over the hearts of viewers daily.

Offering up to 273 miles of electric range on a rapid 42-minute charge, the ZS EV offers the best of both the electric and SUV worlds. A roomy interior that feels like home welcomes you with high-quality materials, a 10.1” touch screen, adaptive cruise control and more as standard. A spacious 470L boot space in the ZS EV redefines the limits of EV design, while the MG Pilot suite ensures you are relaxed and taken care of with a range of cutting-edge safety features.


Talking of awards, it’s about time we introduced the MG4. Being the franchise’s first fully electric hatchback, the MG4 had a big expectation to live up to, but by winning Britain’s Best Electric Car at the 2023 AutoCar Awards, the MG4 went beyond what we could have hoped for. 281 miles of electric range is the first of many surprises in the MG4, marked foremostly by its distinctive design with the Active Grille System which regulates airflow for optimal battery range.

The abundance of inclusive features on the MG4 noticeably contrasts against its generously low asking price, causing it to quickly rise through the ranks of its competitors as the new standard of affordable, modern, and intelligent EVs. From a 10.25” touchscreen to MG iSMART app connectivity and MG Pilot suite and more, the MG4 is a gem waiting to be discovered. The Trophy trim level will deepen the bang for your buck with a 360° Parking Camera, Phone-Car accessibility, Heated Front Seats and Steering Wheel, and more.

​MG5 EV Long Range

Of course, MG took a shot at dominating the estate market too, and the MG5 EV Long Range came out of the chamber with flying colours. This second-generation styler takes the cake with its incredible practicality, long-distance confidence, and efficiency. Affordability from MG pervades the SUV and hatchback markets, and now the MG5 EV successfully introduces a budget-friendly electric alternative into the estate market too. From a 250-mile range to handy V2L technology, the smooth and predictable nature of the MG5 EV Long Range makes it ready when you are to go further.

As one of the best-selling EVs in the UK in 2022, it’s not just the MG5’s simple but alluring looks that brought it fame. Rather, an all-you-could-need attitude is present no matter how and where you drive it, bringing you up to date with the latest features like a 10.25” touchscreen, MG’s iSMART app, rotary gear selector, MG Pilot suite and more. What’s more impressive is how the MG5 incorporates all these features into a reliable EV without sacrificing space – showing off a boot space of 479L up to 1367L with the seats down.

​MG HS Plug-in Hybrid

Stepping between MG’s combustion and electric vehicle range is the MG HS Plug-In Hybrid, a worthy EV mention that’s as future-proof as it is reliable. Being MG’s first-ever hybrid car, the HS PHEV is a state-of-the-art model that brings the best of both a 1.5L turbocharged engine and a 90kW electric motor. Luxury and comfort are noticeably a central focus in the design of the HS, bringing soft-touch materials, convenient storage compartments and a well-appointed driving position.

An electric range of 32 miles supports the efficient 1.5L engine with automatic transmission so that every moment in the HS is fulfilling and builds your trust. The combination of these two powertrains allows you to turn to zero-emission driving, coming in handy through cities. Either way, the all-electric range on the HS covers many daily commutes with ease, offering a full charge in 4.5 hours. As an easy stepping stone into an EV future that’s fast approaching, the HS is ready for the change. More features that are sure to get you excited include a 448L boot space, MG Pilot suite and a 0-60mph acceleration of just 6.9s.

Looking for an MG Electric Sports Car?

The arrival of the MG Cyberster will fill the gap in MG’s fleet for those seeking an electric convertible that speaks volumes of sport, performance, and style. Expected to land summer of 2024, the Cyberster has already attracted a large crowd just from its design alone. As an anticipated return of sports cars into the MG fold, it’s clear that aspects of old MG heritage are incorporated into its design including a long bonnet and intricately curved surfaces.

Only speculation can be made during the Cyberster’s design, although according to MG the electric powertrain promises a range of up to 500 miles, while an intelligent EV architecture will show off a gaming cockpit and 5G connectivity. Beyond this, a ‘digital fibre’ interior, ‘zero-gravity’ seats, ‘laser belt’ LED strips, and a ‘kamm tail’ rear are but a few futuristic features that we can’t wait to see in practice when the Cyberster is released. Check out our coverage of the MG Cyberster on our channel below for even more info!

Benefits of MG EVs

As we’ve mentioned, the MG electric car range features tried and tested technology that will help you go further. The MG iSmart is one such feature that allows you to control the function of your EV, from charging to health, and from finding a charging point to preconditioning the interior. You might already be aware of the MG Pilot suite, but either way, you can’t ignore the abundance of safety features included within. Active Emergency Braking, Lane Keep Assist, Intelligent High Beam Assist, Adaptive Cruise Control and more come as standard in this safety suite, highlighting the competitive affordability of the MG electric range.

MG EVs also gain the benefit of zero emissions so that you have greater access to more carbon-restricted places and even be more sustainable to the environment. The Vehicle-to-Load (V2L) charging is also another helpful feature across the MG electric range, allowing you to power other electrical items such as scooters, camping equipment and entertainment systems. A lower running cost on MG electric cars is probably the most apparent benefit you’ll notice, where even this can be optimised by choosing to charge your EV on off-peak charging times so that your day-to-day expenses are minimal.