Spreading Joy this Christmas

Whilst most of us look at Christmas as the most wonderful time of year, unfortunaley not everyone is in a position for this to be true. Charities like Sophies Legacy recognise these struggles and are at the forefront of providing security to those in need. Sophie was a young girl tragically diagnosed with cancer in 2020 and heartbreakingly, has since passed away. Her time in the hospital highlighted the challenging circumstances that families face which, unfortunately, are not so well recognised by the public. The Sophies Legacy charity was established in her name to alleviate some of the pains that she and her mother faced while in Hospital.

During Sophies time in the hospital, she noticed that there were limited play specialists and toys for children, so during her treatment, she raised £6000 pounds to buy toys for the hospital! One of the items on her bucket list is to spread awareness of the importance of play specialists and make sure they are in the hospital 7 days a week. Sophie and her mother refused to be separated during the treatment, but that often-meant Sophies mother went without food. Sophie saw this and made a wish for parents to be fed when staying with their children. Now, Sophies Legacy makes that wish come true by providing food boxes to 15 children’s wards in the South of England. What an achievement!

It was when we talked to Missy that we wanted to give more than our sympathies. Like Sophie and her mother, Missy was bound to the hospital after the birth of Earnie who tragically fell sick. For 16 months, Missy went into debt simply to buy food, struggled to support her 5-year-old daughter Willow, and faced the impacts of Covid lockdowns in the worst of ways.

It should never be the case that a mother has to go into debt simply to pay to support her family. Alongside Sophie’s legacy charity, we at Eden reached out to Missy to provide all the support we can give and to urge any family in situations like this to realise support is available. Now, Missy has been provided with food vouchers and gifts for her children, we will also continue to fund any future travel to London hospital along with making sure she has funds to eat.

" In the past 2 days, you’ve made me realise there are people out there that want to help you and you don’t have to do it all alone. I've never been offered help before. I can't thank you enough for helping me."

In the turnaround for Missy, she recently had a well-deserved back and neck massage from Lesley Serenity Beauty Room, an overdue haircut from Lauren at hairbylauren95, and a manicure by Hayley at @h.e.y beauty in Parkgate. Trying to get these done when spending so much time in the hospital is almost impossible, so instead, we just brought the services to the hospital! Small treats like these shed hopeful light on the overwhelming struggle faced by many people like Missy, reminding her that she is not alone, and support is eagerly available.

Cases like Missy’s inspire the vital need for change. Struggling families should never need to stand on a downward-facing slope by having to go into debt simply to fund hospital stays and food. We at Eden made a promise in honour of Sophie and all those in similar situations that we will see to feeding and supporting every parent struggling in hospitals!

P.S. - To the mum - you look beautiful!

If you'd like to make a donation to this wonderful cause, you can vist the link below.


From all of us at Eden, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!