Eden Motor Group announced the lucky winner of their annual £10,000 VIP prize – Mr. Robin Giles. The invitation-only Eden VIP Event, popular with car buyers, selects one customer at random to receive £10,000 alongside their new car.

On Wednesday, the 15th of May, Mr. Giles walked into the Christchurch showroom, expecting to drop off his car for a routine service. Instead, he was presented with a £10,000 cheque and a complimentary car clean, much to his astonishment.

Mike Taylor, General Manager at Eden Motor Group Christchurch, expressed his delight in awarding Mr. Giles the grand prize. “With a history of purchasing 6 cars from our Christchurch dealership since 2008, Mr. Giles is not just a valued customer but also a dear friend of the company.” Mr. Taylor highlighted Mr. Giles' loyalty and praised his long standing relationship with Eden Motor Group.

In a moment of disbelief and gratitude, Mr. Giles shared his thoughts on winning the VIP prize. He expressed his shock at the unexpected windfall and admitted he hadn't yet decided how to spend the money. Reflecting on his experience with Eden Motor Group over the years, Mr. Giles commended the team for their friendliness, helpfulness, and the strong relationships forged with customers like him.

Eden Motor Group strives to create memorable experiences for their customers. The VIP Event is not just about selling cars; it's about showing appreciation to loyal patrons with significant rewards. The story of Mr. Giles perfectly encapsulates their commitment to customer satisfaction and appreciation.

Our VIP Events

The VIP Event is an opportunity for Eden Motor Group to give back to their customers, offering exclusive deals, discounts, and the chance to win big prizes like £10,000. It's a celebration of their customers' loyalty and support over the years.

Eden Motor Group invites everyone to join them at their next VIP Event to experience their hospitality, take advantage of exclusive offers, and potentially be the next lucky winner to walk away with a substantial cheque. Stay connected with Eden Motor Group for more updates, stories, and exciting events.