Apple Car Play and its Update

Apple CarPlay has some impressive changes coming this year. If things weren't convenient enough, soon driving will become a seamless connection between the driver and the driven. Before we delve into CarPlay 2.0, let's first have a quick run-through of what CarPlay is and how you can use it.

What is Apple CarPlay?

Apple CarPlay casts (connects and redisplays) your iPhone to your vehicle’s dashboard display, allowing you to access the same applications and functions but now on a bigger, more convenient screen.

It is a little deeper than this, but not by too much. Firstly, not every application will be accessible on your display as this would make driving dangerous. This means no video streaming, no gaming, no book reading, etc. However, what you can access is a handful of navigation, entertainment and communication services that are found on your iPhone. Things like Apple Maps, Waze, Spotify, iMessage and so on.

CarPlay is compatible with any iPhone from the iPhone 5 onward and almost every major car manufacturer (except Tesla) supports it – allowing connection via USB or wirelessly. You will struggle to find a car that doesn’t have, or can be easily fitted with, Apple CarPlay. If your car doesn’t have one, there are plenty of easy-to-install dashboard modifiers that will have you using the feature in no time at all!

The best way to find out what applications work on Apple CarPlay is to simply try them out yourself, but you don’t need every application to drive safely – your eyes are the best thing for driving as you will see. Apple CarPlay makes driving convenience that much more, well, convenient. While almost every car supports it, some shine in terms of using the feature, general connectivity and driving convenience. Check them out below:

  • Vauxhall Astra. This is one of the best hatchbacks with Apple CarPlay. Not only is it cheap to buy and maintain, but it’s also got the looks – especially with the more recent models. CarPlay and general connectivity are masterful in the Vauxhall Astra. It’s certainly worth exploring.
  • Mazda3. Fans of Japanese cars will love the Mazda3 when it comes to CarPlay. This cheap and nippy car is extremely fun to drive due to its precise handling and great look. The cosy interior supports the connective appeal of the 8.8” dashboard display too.
  • Hyundai Tucson. The Tucson centralises its interior controls through its touchscreen, making it perfect for Apple CarPlay. This SUV checks all the boxes with exemplary hybrid models, great mileage, and a good degree of customisability to suit any budget range.
  • Mazda CX-5. CarPlay comes as standard on the CX-5 and because of this, you are given the option to upgrade to a wider 10.25-inch display that is easily navigated with a console stick. The CX-5 brings a sporty, engaging, and well-designed architecture that is perfect for enthusiasts and families alike.

Changes to Apply CarPlay

Apple announced that CarPlay 2.0 will be arriving sometime in late 2023. CarPlay 2.0 has some nifty features and already, some brands have opted in for this with more to join the bandwagon later this year. Another trend is for car manufacturers to support both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto within the same dashboard display, so if a passenger wishes to connect their Android, the system will conveniently switch from Apple CarPlay. Let’s go through some of the features of the Apple CarPlay 2.0:

  • Multi-Display Casting. CarPlay 2.0 will be able to connect to every screen in your car and cast different apps to each. Apple has paid attention to the details of scaling the iPhone casting to account for the wide variety of screen sizes out there.
  • Car Integration. CarPlay 2.0 will now be wired into the function of your car’s health and performance. It will be able to read the speedometer, the fuel gauge, and the oil pressure and measure trip distances accordingly. Very handy.
  • Climate Control. CarPlay 2.0 will give you the ability to control your car's climate through the app. This can change things like temperature, fan speed, the heated seating and steering wheel, heated glass, etc.
  • Widgets. CarPlay 2.0 will display widgets on your display. These are snippets of vital information gathered from the integrated apps and conveniently located to be read quickly and safely. This means no longer opening apps to access them – the information you need is already there!
  • FM Radio Control. Another convenience from CarPlay 2.0. You’ll be able to control the radio a lot more smoothly and quickly through this.

So, there you have it - Apple CarPlay and the Update in a nutshell.  If you have any questions regarding Apple CarPlay or how you can get it integrated into your car, give us a call or email. Our experts will be happy to help.