Vauxhall All New Astra Introducing the Vauxhall All New Astra Starting from £26,960
Vauxhall All New Astra


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A powerhouse with next-generation technology, the All-New Astra brings those fan-favourite angular and dominant features into a whole new light. The sturdy yet energized stance of the Astra can be further accentuated with a new Vizor front that not only seamlessly integrates with its innovative technology but impresses a wide and powerful fervour wherever it goes.

Vauxhall’s eighth iteration of the Astra gives you an abundance of choice with its petrol, diesel and plug-in hybrid variants which can be matched with a breadth of trim levels to realise your ideal drive. We know what you are thinking…so book a test drive at your local Eden Vauxhall dealership today!

Powerful, Muscular, Alluring ​

The harmoniously balanced features of the All New Vauxhall Astra - optimised for efficiency, allurement, and dynamism - will remain ever present no matter how it is customised. Freely pursue your individuality with a pallet of 7 unique colours, from carbon black to cobalt blue. Complement its taut surfaces, pixilated LED lights, and athletic looks further with a range of special alloy wheels.

The All-New Astra is available in the Design, GS Line, and Ultimate models for petrol and diesel options, while the plug-in hybrid is offered in the latter two of these models. By upgrading beyond the already excellent Astra Design, you will find an integrated Vizor frame, keyless entry and much, much more. A pure-electric model of the Astra will be available soon, but if you wish to explore your options right away, including the family-sized Astra Sports Tourer, contact our experts today!

Front view of Vauxhall Astra

Formidable, Smooth, Efficient

Side profile of Astra driving in an urban setting

Underneath its muscular exterior, the All-New Astra houses an engine and performance that matches its visual personality. Its powerful engine with rapid acceleration and high torque isn’t simply an untamed machine. A smooth and economical transmission is tied to its foundations whether you choose a six-speed manual transmission or an eight-speed automatic. What’s more, the Astra has an electronic parking brake and a selection of three driving modes that gift you the handling and driving convenience that you have been searching for.

Optimal combustion efficiency has been achieved in the All-New Astra for both its turbocharged petrol and diesel engines. Precision-engineered machinery delivers confident reliability with its low running costs and ultra-low CO2 emissions, while its fuel-saving Start/Stop technology will make you plan your journeys to go further. The plug-in hybrid models don’t shy away from the spotlight either, boasting low emissions of just over 25g/km and a valuable 35+ mile electric range.

Tech-savvy, Connective, Polished ​

The sleek interior of the All-New Astra is seamlessly integrated with easy-to-use technology that gives you total and confident control. Driver information is streamlined through the 10” Pure Panel display without demanding your needed attention away from the road, while its keyless start, LED front fog lights, ultrasonic security system, and more give you total focus on the drive itself.

Ergonomically designed seats further support your focus, with upgraded models integrated with a massage function. The GS Line and above benefit from features including ambient lighting, a 360o parking camera and heated seating… but perhaps a step further to the Ultimate line might fully deliver your ideal driving experience. Among other amazing features, here you will find a panoramic sunroof, Alcantara seats, 18” alloys and a wireless device charging that takes the hassle away from distracting cables.

Interior of Astra from driver's seat perspective

Adaptable, Secure, Trustworthy ​

Safety features of Astra on the steering wheel

Semi-autonomous driving is redefined in the All-New Astra. With features like emergency brake assistance, climate control, and cornering control, security and comfort are palpable in the driver’s seat. All models receive front and rear parking sensors, navigation technology, straight-line control and more so that you and others are taken care of no matter the road, weather, or location. Ask a member of our team if you wish to explore the full, extensive array of safety features present in your desired Astra model.

Enhance the safety of the All-New Astra to your comfort level by upgrading to the GS Line or Ultimate. With these models, you will have access to dual-zone climate control, pedestrian detection, and adaptive cruise control. The Ultimate model brings drivers the ultimate synchronisation with the Astra through the Intelli-systems, bringing advancements such as Lane Positioning Assistant, Lane Change Assist, and adaptive headlights.

all new astra
all new astra
all new astra
all new astra
all new astra


A radically progressive design and precise engineering come together to ensure the all new Vauxhall Astra performs as brilliantly as it looks.

Advanced features include the latest incarnation of Vauxhall’s ingenious Intellilux LED Pixel headlights. It has an IntelliVision 360° camera for easier parking, and an advanced Head-Up windscreen projection display. The all new Astra handles and performs like no other compact car before it.


Get ready for the all new Astra. It's pure, fresh but also progressive look features the striking new Vauxhall Vizor, which defines the front end. Sharp, distinctive and with plenty of attitude, this bold exterior shape attracts attention on the road. It’s time to drive a car that you truly want to be seen behind the wheel of, and the all new Astra does just that.


The all new Astra ushers in a whole new way to drive. With advanced plug-in hybrid technology, the Astra’s direct injection petrol engine automatically engages to deliver efficiency and performance. In addition, advanced safety and driver assistance systems feature semi-autonomous driving technology. It truly is the ultimate driving experience.

Living with it

The inside is every bit as much ‘next-generation’ as the striking exterior. The all new Astra’s Pure Panel digital display streamlines driver information like never before, while it also introduces wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto - no need for cables, just sync and go. Relax in the ergonomically designed front seats, with massage function on some models. The all new Vauxhall Astra is a car with space, technology and comfort, allied to state-of-the-art connectivity.

Exterior We have a range of offers across the range and we are here to help find the best offer for you. We can tailer a finance solution for you and also organise your part exchange. Feel free to contact us for more information on our great range of offers.
Interior We have a range of offers across the range and we are here to help find the best offer for you. We can tailer a finance solution for you and also organise your part exchange. Feel free to contact us for more information on our great range of offers.