5 Best City Cars for 2023

There’s nothing worse than living the city life with a car that has never heard of a city before. Commuting through narrow streets, stopping, starting, and lengthy waits in the driver’s seat require a cockpit and car which are up for the job.  What should you be looking for in a city car for 2023? Fuel efficiency, parking assistance, space, comfort, entertainment, and handling are factors to look out for. Let’s go through some cars that meet these requirements easily.

The Hyundai i10

The Hyundai i10 is designed to tackle city life with confidence. Boasting up to 54mpg and stop/start technology, this city car will stay economical in even the worst of times. The i10 is characterised by a muscular body to provide optimal space for those inside. The wheelbase has grown a substantial amount to give passengers even more breathing space inside.

A 252L of boot space comes in handy for travels, while a rear-view camera with parking sensors gives you total confidence in getting into those tight spaces. The premium trim of the i10 brings a big car feel by upgrading the cloth upholstery and adding heated seats and steering wheel. On top of this, the i10 has four high-quality speakers so that the driving space can be more personalised to you.

The Suzuki Swift

Carrying all the high-end features without the extortionate price tag, the Suzuki Swift is a model that people can’t get enough of. Being extremely economical to run at 59mpg with a deceptively comfortable and spacious interior, it’s hard to go wrong with the Swift. Good handling on the Swift is present across all its engine and aesthetic customisation options, with the higher trim SZ5 model upgrading the four-speaker stereo system with higher sound quality.

Stop/start is available on the sports version, making it excellent to nip around cities without ever noticing your fuel bar drain. A 265L boot is handy too, turning the Suzuki Swift into a great all-rounder.

The Mazda2

Refined, high quality, efficient – the Mazda2 is all this and more. One ride in the Mazda2 and you are quick to realise that every penny was well spent and then some. Offering up to a whopping 60mpg, the Mazda2 brings an abundance of features across all trim levels – even parking sensors. A 280L boot space accommodates any hobby or trip comfortably, and the seats are ergonomically designed with your comfort and support in mind.

A well-handled and nippy car, the Mazda2 offers the i-stop function to make idling in traffic a thing of the past by providing improved fuel economy, reduced exhaust gas emissions, and quiet idling noise. An excellent sound system is at your disposal too, with punchy bass and a great sound spread.

The Vauxhall Mokka

Those looking for more space without compromising on a great city performance, look to the Vauxhall Mokka. Offering up to 52 or 65mpg for petrol and diesel engines, the Mokka boosts your boot space up to 350L. The seating is well designed and is perfect for the whole family, finding USB ports handily nearby for phone charging. The seats are raised too which gives a superior and safer view of the road ahead.

The compact SUV nature of the Mokka is under your control with its Advanced Park Assist controls. Simply start the system and the Mokka will find a parking space and control the wheel – all you need to do is use the pedals. City bumps and turns are also controlled by the Mokka due to the smoothness of the ride. The tech is easy to use and plentiful, with Apple CarPlay, a six-point sound system and helpful driving functions.


In the market for an affordable and city-ready SUV? The MG ZS fits into this bracket easily. Offering 43 mpg with a whopping 448L boot space, the MG ZS shows how a spacious SUV can work the city as well as country roads. The faux leather seats in the ZS are comfortable and give a nice, commanding position, while a rear camera and parking sensors make city parking a breeze.

Stop/start on the MG ZS turns the economy up a good notch, but what many love about the MG ZS is its reliability and coverage. MG provides an excellent warranty scheme on the MG ZS, if not the best in the UK, so you can never find fault in the MG ZS.

City driving has never been easier with the cars above. Uncomfortable waits in traffic, constant searching for fuel top-ups and stressful parking situations will be a thing of the past with one simple switch. These best city cars can also be found throughout our used car section, so be sure to check them out or contact our experts today.