Eden Culture

Eden was launched in January 2008 as a joint venture between Graeme Potts and Vauxhall Motors. Since then, we have established ourselves as one of the most successful and progressive motor groups in the UK. Whilst still maintaining our affinity with the Vauxhall brand, in recent times we have grown the business and incorporated other franchises.

In a short space of time the Eden name has become well recognised and respected in the communities in which we operate, having developed a culture which is demonstrably different from every other motor retailer. The way we conduct business at Eden is in an informal but professional manner. We strongly believe in doing what we say we will, being honest, straightforward and transparent. We aim to give our colleagues and customers the very best aspects of a large company, whilst maintaining the personal feel of a small company.

We are always striving to be Better (this is a word you will hear a lot at Eden!). Better than the competition, Better than our customers expect, Better for our colleagues and Better today than we were yesterday. When Graeme first set up Eden, he wanted to create a brand which communicated the message of a Better World, which is one of the reasons he chose Eden as the company name. In addition to this, the Eden logo epitomises the motorist’s ideal of a Better World; showing a small, eco-friendly, economical car on a congestion free road with the sunrise in the background.

The Better World isn’t just reserved for our customers. Eden colleagues are key to maintaining and growing a successful business and as such, we will continue to invest in motivating, communicating, developing and fairly rewarding our colleagues.

We have a set of values which we look for in our colleagues. These are:

Presentation The way I present myself and Eden.

Team Orientation Supporting all colleagues, in a non-blame culture.

High Calibre Showing I know my job well and giving real service delivery.

Flexible Readiness to assist colleagues and customers, within my capabilities.

Motivated Demonstrating a ‘can and will do’ attitude.

Ambitious – for Eden and myself Being successful in what I do within my job.