Less Wheelchairs to Landfill Thanks to Eden and Limbcare Partnership

Limbcare, a voluntary charity centred in Camberley, Surrey, has teamed up with Eden Motor Group to facilitate its collection and recycling of wheelchairs and other mobility aids.

The Camberley dealership of Eden Motor Group has agreed to not only donate a high-quality van to the charity but has also pledged to pick up the tab for maintenance costs. Of the donation, Limbcare founder and chairman Ray Edwards MBE states: “We desperately required a transit-type van to carry out our work otherwise these items will either go to landfill or scrap. This is such a waste as we can help so many people with these aids.”

Ray – himself the longest surviving quad amputee since 1987 – was awarded his MBE honour for outstanding service to the Camberley and wider community. The van will also assist the attendance of promotional events through which Ray aims to spread awareness of Limbcare’s work.

“I listened with genuine interest as Ray told me about the fate of a lot of these perfectly usable mobility aids, which is something I’d admittedly not considered previously,” explains Mark Clifton, General Manager of Eden Camberley, Reading and Bracknell. “I loathe waste of any kind and serving the community has always been a core Eden value, so when the opportunity to help Limbcare came along, myself and the Camberley team didn’t hesitate.”

Of the continued partnership, Ray states “We appreciate this so much and will look forward to a great working relationship.”

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