Carfinance at Eden Motors

Choosing a car on finance can often bea more cost-effective way to own or lease the vehicle you need. It’s oftenpossible to obtain finance on Approved Used vehicles as well as brand new ones.

Through a finance agreement, you makea deposit and then monthly payments on your chosen model. In some cases, a‘balloon payment’ is offset until the end of the term – this makes monthlyrepayments lower and more competitive.

Depending on the finance plan, at theend of the agreement you may have several choices. In some cases you can makethe final payment and own the vehicle outright, or return it with no furtherpayments. It may also be possible to part exchange the hire car for a differentvehicle on a new finance plan.

If you apply for car finance throughan authorised, trusted dealer, you enjoy greater security and peace of mind.Dealers can also offer you exclusive deals, lower interest rates, promotionsand discounts on finance plans, giving you a better deal over the length of theagreement.

There are many types of finance, suchas Hire Purchase, Personal Contract Purchase and other leasing plans. Thefinancing that is best suited to you will depend on your personal circumstancesand the intended use of the vehicle. You can learn more about any of thesefinance plans by clicking on the links below.

Applying for finance takes a fewsteps. A credit check is usually required, and it may sometimes be possible toapply online. When making a new car finance application at a dealership, ourteam will be on hand to guide you.

Discover more about the differenttypes of car finance here on our website, or speak with your nearest EdenMotors dealership team for further information.