Stay Tuned-In with Vauxhall Connected Services

With Vauxhall Connect at your fingertips, a world of enhanced driving experiences awaits you. Stay in the know with a range of services that bring convenience and control to your Vauxhall journey.

Navigate with confidence using real-time traffic updates and personalized trip planning, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free route for every adventure. For electric vehicle owners, enjoy the luxury of cabin preconditioning and scheduled charging, ensuring your Vauxhall is perfectly primed for your journeys.

Choose one of Vauxhall's Packs below - CONNECT ONE or CONNECT PLUS

Create a MyVauxall Account to Access Connected Services

CONNECT ONE - Elevate Your Drive

Emergency Assistance: In the event of an accident, Vauxhall Connect has your back. Our built-in SIM card automatically notifies emergency services with your precise location if a serious incident occurs, providing peace of mind 24/7.

Breakdown Support: Swiftly activate our breakdown call service by pressing a button in the roof, connecting you directly to our dedicated breakdown team for assistance when needed.

Intelligent Telemaintenance: Even when things don't go as planned, our Intelligent Telemaintenance keeps an eye on your vehicle's key functions and alerts you promptly if attention is required. We'll guide you to schedule an appointment with your local retailer.

Comprehensive Vehicle Insights: Stay informed about your vehicle's status, from routine maintenance reminders to fuel levels, consumption, and mileage. With Vauxhall Connect, you'll always be up to date.

CONNECT PLUS - Unlock the Extraordinary

Public Charging Assistance: Effortlessly manage your charging needs on the go with the MyVauxhall app. Monitor your battery level while driving and locate charging stations along your route, ensuring you're always prepared.

Pre-conditioning for Optimal Comfort: Enjoy a cosy or cool cabin before you even step inside. Pre-condition your Vauxhall remotely to your preferred temperature, maximizing your vehicle's range and ensuring a comfortable start to your journey.

Enhanced Navigation: Our integrated navigation, powered by TomTom®, delivers real-time directions and traffic information, guiding you with confidence. For electric vehicle owners, charging stops are seamlessly integrated into your route planning.

Remote Access at Your Fingertips: Take control from a distance with the MyVauxhall app. Lock or unlock doors, sound the horn, and even illuminate the lights – all with a simple tap.

Seamless Access to MyVauxhall

To tap into these exceptional connected services, a MyVauxhall account is your gateway. Enjoy benefits like online service booking, access to owner's manuals, and product updates.

Accessing MyVauxhall is easy – use the app or visit online. If you purchased your vehicle through the Vauxhall Store, your existing login details will work seamlessly.

Once you're logged in, just enter your vehicle identification number (VIN) to discover the array of services awaiting you. Embrace the connected future with Vauxhall Connect and experience driving like never before.

Create a MyVauxall Account to Access Connected Services