Vivaro Electric Introducing the Vivaro Electric From £415 per month



Vivaro Electric​ is a versatile performer that always gets the job done. It has added benefits of no road tax, zero emissions and low maintenance costs, and is eligible for the government grant which pays 35% on top up purchase prices, up to £5,000. There's no surprise it was voted What Car? Medium Van of the Year helping make the change to electric even easier.


Vivaro Electric has a range of options for you to choose from. The 50kWh battery can travel up 143 miles on LTP mode, while the 75 kWh version will get drivers up to 205 miles (WLTP).


Vivaro Electric Drive Mode Selector gives you the power to choose your own driving experience. With three options, from POWER for maximum performance and comfort with heavy loads, NORMAL for a balance between performance and efficiency, or ECO for maximum range and energy efficiency.


With the 50kWh battery, you can re-charge it to 80% in just 30 minutes at a 100kW public charger – but if that isn't available then plug it into home power overnight using the on board 7.4kW or optional 11kWs chargers.


The Vivaro Electric uses sophisticated sensors and Data Monitoring Systems to give you an overview of driving conditions, range indicators as well key operating systems like oil pressure or tire pressure monitoring system so you are able to see everything clearly at a glance.

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Zero Emissions

The Vivaro Electric is the ideal vehicle for busy urban areas and residential streets. Not only does it reduce noise pollution, but it's quietness helps ease stress on long working days too.

Low running costs Vivaro-e is a business owner's dream. With lower fuel costs and taxes, as well as government grants available - it stands out from the rest.
Head Up Display Keep your eyes on the road and enjoy a hands-free ride with this head mounted display that shows you key details like speed, right in line of vision. No rival van has such technology!