Vauxhall Mokka Electric Introducing the Vauxhall Mokka Electric Starting From POA
Vauxhall Mokka Electric



Meet the brand new face of Vauxhall design. The Mokka Electric is a genuine game changer, featuring an unforgettable front and interior that will make you stand out from everyone else in your neighbourhood!


The freedom to go further. Mokka Electric is powered by a next generation 50kWH lithium-ion battery that'll take you up to 201 miles (Preliminary WLTP) on one charge! With its electricity only costing 3p per mile, there's no need for concerns about fuel prices or dealing with petrol stations.


The engine is a chunky little number that can deliver up to 260Nm of torque with just one pedal touch. The Regenerative Braking System also helps return energy from your screeching brakes back into the battery for an additional charge!


Mokka Electric is a smart choice for those who want to save time and money. With its charging options, you can charge it at home or on public charges; as well as getting up to 80% in just 30 minutes! It also comes with lower running costs and an 8 year battery warranty making this product even better value than before.

Drive Smarter

The Mokka Electric​'s large driver information display gives you an overview of all your electric specific data, so that when it is time to drive smarter and more efficiently on the road we know exactly what steps are needed.

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Driving Modes

The Mokka Electric adapts to your style of driving, offering you Eco, Sport and Normal driving modes. Simply pick the one that best suits you. Sport increases driving dynamics, Eco increases efficiency, and normal balances both.

Worry-free quick charge The Mokka-e makes charging simpler than ever. You can charge it from home or using a public charging station. Plus, you can get up to 80% charge in only 30 minutes so you’re never hanging around.
Running costs The Mokka-e brings you greater peace of mind with lower running costs, lower operating and maintenance costs and a battery with an eight year warranty.