Vauxhall Crossland Introducing the Vauxhall Crossland Starting from £22,900



Our new Vauxhall Crossland for sale is a flexible SUV that’s perfect to take on any adventure. From a swiftness that gives you confidence in cityscapes to a simple and effective design that makes it ready for something more challenging, the Crossland can always be relied upon to enjoy. Read below to discover its excellent efficiency, well-ordered practicality, and incredible affordability.

An Exciting Design

Most striking on the Vauxhall Crossland is the bold new Vizor that stretches across its LED lights and front end – aligning it closer to Vauxhall's aesthetic vision. To deepen this new look, a black tailgate contrasted with a coloured roof is also found on the newer models. These features create a wider, more practical stance which is further found inside. The convenient box shape on the Vauxhall Crossland allows for 410L of boot space, extending up to a whopping 1,255L with the seats down. An abundance of accessories is also available to further boost your Crossland’s practicality, from tow bars to roof rails and emergency kits.

The Vauxhall Crossland comes in three trim levels: The Design, GS, and Ultimate, each building upon the previous specifications and its original affordability. PureSense is a suite of safety features that come as standard, where the Automatic lighting, cruise control, hill start assist, and more come as standard. PureSense develops further on the Ultimate trim – also bringing a panoramic rear-view camera, advanced park assists, and more. PureConnect, Vauxhall’s interior suite of technology, also follows the same trend and will be discussed below.

new vauxhall crossland for sale

A Composed Drive

Throughout the Vauxhall Crossland trims lie an easy-to-use 1.2L turbocharged petrol engine that comes in two power levels. The 110PS turbo is found on the manual transmission variants while the 130PS turbo is found on the automatics. It won’t take long for the Crossland to show off a great efficiency that contrasts against its plentiful practicality. Up to 48.7 mpg are available for you to take the Crossland further, but if it’s city driving that you’re after, the Crossland takes the reigns here too.

Across town, a raised body and driving position gives a commanding view of the road ahead. But what’s more exciting are the light controls in the Vauxhall Crossland, making tight manoeuvring and agile inputs a piece of cake. Parking sensors come as standard too, so compact parking becomes hassle-free which, in combination with a six-speed automatic gearbox, turns the Crossland into a relaxed and composed driver.

Comprehensive Overview

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An Abundant and Minimalist Interior

The interior design of the Vauxhall Crossland truly considers our needs and dislikes, providing us with a design that allows us to remain in command and not overwhelmed, while still providing everything we could need from entertainment to navigation and performance. A simple design with analogue instruments builds upon what we ultimately - direct commands that don’t compromise our safety while driving. 16-position adjustable ergonomic seats and a well-designed layout of compartments also deepen the essence of convenience that the Vauxhall Crossland provides.

The PureConnect suite of interior features on the Vauxhall Crossland is yet another attribute to get excited about. A 7-inch touchscreen comes as standard across the range, allowing you to access Bluetooth and phone connectivity to control infotainment and climate. This jumps to 8 inches on the GS and Ultimate levels; adding in-built satellite navigation and an additional USB port. Climate control is also found across the range, while heated seating, keyless entry, and much more is found on the Ultimate trim. The breadth of choice on the Vauxhall Crossland allows you to not only express your individuality but also arrive at a model that matches your exact needs for convenience, budget, and practicality.

new vauxhall crossland for sale
new vauxhall crossland for sale
new vauxhall crossland for sale

The way we roll

A new look wouldn’t be complete without a set of stylish new alloy wheel designs. The new Vauxhall Crossland for sale is available with 16” and 17” wheels so not only does it look the part, but the drive is also smoother.

Stay Connected The New Crossland comes feature packed with a built in touchscreen satellite navigation and infotainment system. The 7” touchscreen features Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto so you can connect all your favourite apps as well as Digital DAB radio.
Wireless charging Selected Crossland models also come with wireless charging so you never have to worry about finding cables. It couldn’t be simpler, just place your phone in the compartment and the Crossland does the rest!