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Step into a new era of travel with the Vauxhall Corsa-e,​ a fan favourite that seamlessly blends style and efficiency.

Engaging Performance.

Featuring a 50kWh battery and 136PS electric motor, this mighty companion is capable of 0-60mph in less than eight seconds. Say goodbye to range anxiety with an incredible range of 225 miles on a single charge! Getting close to empty? Thanks to the Corsa-e's affordable rapid charging system, you can reach 80% charge in only half an hour!

Urban Navigator, Long-Haul Partner.

The Corsa-e takes the best of both worlds with its revolutionary design. Its spacious interior contrasts its compact size, offering 267 litres of boot space and plenty of room for both passengers and drivers. With a 5-star Euro NCAP safety rating, each journey is as safe as it is enjoyable.

A Smart Investment.

The Corsa-e showcases a range of smart features that consider almost every need you may have as a driver. Cruise control, keyless start and automatic LED headlights are peace of mind that is hard to ignore. The list of seamlessly supportive features goes on, but why not check out the incredible infotainment system and intuitive rear parking sensors yourself?



Meet the brand new face of Vauxhall design. The all-new Mokka-e is a genuine game changer, featuring a bold and redesigned front as well as unmistakable styling that will turn heads wherever you go! 

Dynamic Driving at its Best. 

Long drives? Weekend getaways? The Mokka-e handles it all effortlessly with its impressive range. Cruise for up to 209 miles with the Mokka-e, and get excited for the 2023/24 models showing off even more with a 252-mile range. Thanks to Vauxhall's optimised design, the Mokka-e benefits from a rapid 80% charge time in just 30 minutes. Quick, convenient, and oh-so clever!

A Smart Choice. 

With a 7-year warranty, 8-year battery warranty, and eligibility for the government's plug-in car grant, it's an investment in both your family's future and well-being. The Mokka-e is more than just a drive; it's a tech haven. From adaptive cruise control to the state-of-the-art infotainment system, every journey is tailored to you.

Compact Powerhouse, Comfort Haven. 

With generous interior space and 350 litres of boot capacity, it's your cosy cocoon for both city jaunts and countryside escapades.​ Peace of mind is priceless, and a top-notch 5-star Euro NCAP rating hits the nail on the head here.

Astra Electric​

Embrace the new standard in family mobility with the Astra Electric, a car that refines the beloved Astra range with a modern appeal. Stylish, versatile, and more than meets the eye.

Mobility for the Modern Family.

​Under the hood lies a powerful 158PS electric motor, offering a reliable system that safely cruises at top speeds for up to 258 miles of range without any lack of performance or comfort.

With a swift 100kW on-board rapid charger reaching 80% in just 30 minutes, or regular charging in just 5 hours, it's always ready for life's adventures.

Winner of the Top Gear Best Family Hatch Award 2022.

​​Advanced technology converges on the ultimate family ride in the Astra Electric. The 20-inch Pure Panel Pro provides crucial information at a glance, including battery charge status and range, while the "Hey Vauxhall" natural voice recognition system offers effortless control over the car's myriad features. ​

Grandland Plug-in Hybrid​

The ultimate SUV for both families and business users. The Grandland PHEV is a vehicle that elegantly balances​ the old and new - a perfect stepping stone between combustion and electric. 

Eco-conscious and Reliable. 

Compromise has never been further behind us. The Grandland PHEV is ideal for daily commutes and short trips on pure electric power, it also provides the freedom to embark on longer journeys with its petrol engine, making it a seamless fit for varied lifestyles. With ultra-low CO2 emissions of just 27g/km, you can take the Grandland into whatever the future throws at it. ​​

Efficient, Versatile, and More. 

Under its hood, the Grandland Plug-in Hybrid pairs a 1.6-litre turbocharged petrol engine with an electric motor, delivering a robust 222PS. This synergy results in a remarkable combined fuel economy of up to 222.4mpg. The electric motor alone propels you up to 39 miles, perfect for zero-emission city drives and brief excursions.

Designed with Practicality in Mind. 

Five adults can relax in its inviting interior, while the generous 400-litre boot accommodates all your storage needs for family trips or business purposes alike. Features like the digital instrument cluster and a 10-inch touchscreen infotainment system enhance your connectivity, while advanced systems like lane departure warning and traffic sign recognition ensure a secure and informed drive.

Astra Plug-in Hybrid

Introducing the Astra Plug-In Hybrid, a vehicle that perfectly marries the efficiency of electric driving with the robust performance of a petrol engine.

Future-Proof Your Favourite Performer.

Powered by a combination of a 1.6-litre turbocharged petrol engine and an electric motor, the Astra Plug-In Hybrid delivers an impressive 180PS at a moment's notice. At the core of this vehicle lies a 12.4kWh battery, boasting an electric range of 43 miles and a zero-emissions top speed of 84mph, making it an ideal choice for those seeking adaptability without letting go of the trust.

Amazing Value.

Experience an amazing combined fuel economy of 248mpg and low emissions of just 32g/km, allowing you to glide into some serious savings. Pair this with extensive warranties, the government's plug-in car grant, and incredible financing deals, and you'll quickly see why the Astra Plug-In Hybrid is not just a car but a smart investment in sustainable and versatile driving.

Safety, Comfort, and Style: Redefined.

Safety is paramount with advanced features like automatic emergency braking and Intelli-Vision 360° panoramic parking camera. The heated steering wheel, GS heated sports-style front seats, and customizable ambient lighting ensure every journey is a pleasure.