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Experience the innovative charm of the award-winning MG4 EV, an electric hatchback that masterfully merges sleek design with cutting-edge technology for the discerning city driver.

Contemporary Styling and Roomy Cabin

The MG4 EV stands out with its contemporary design, characterized by a sleek grille and seamlessly integrated LED headlights, crafting a modern and elegant profile. The vehicle's aerodynamic contours and distinctive rear design contribute to its vibrant, youthful character. 

Inside, the MG4 EV surprises with a spacious and well-designed cabin, comfortably seating four adults and providing generous legroom. The practical 363L cargo area is thoughtfully proportioned to cater to daily urban living and leisure activities alike.

Versatile Electric Range and Agile Driving Dynamics

Equipped with varied battery options of 51kWh, 64kWh, or 77kWh, the MG4 EV caters to diverse driving preferences, offering electric-only ranges of up to 218, 281, or 323 miles. This versatility ensures suitability for both city streets and open-road adventures. 

The hatchback's electric motor delivers a zippy and engaging driving experience, with swift acceleration that varies with the chosen battery model. This combination of range and agility makes the MG4 EV a top choice for those seeking an efficient yet spirited urban drive.

User-Friendly Connectivity and Emphasis on Safety

The MG4 EV is adeptly fitted with a 10.25-inch colour touchscreen infotainment system, ensuring easy access to navigation, media, and seamless smartphone integration. The inclusion of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto adds to its tech-forward approach. 


Embark on a journey of eco-friendly innovation with the MG5 EV, an electric estate car that masterfully combines spaciousness, affordability, and sustainable travel.

Sleek Design and Spacious Comfort

The MG5 EV brings a fresh perspective to electric estate cars with its stylish, modern design. The vehicle's front grille and integrated LED headlights create a forward-thinking appearance, while the sculpted sides and angular rear end enhance its aerodynamic profile for sustained economy. 

This design sets it apart from conventional estate models. Inside, the cabin is a revelation of space, comfortably accommodating five adults and offering ample legroom. The cargo area's impressive volume of up to 1367 litres, when rear seats are folded, provides versatile space for family requirements and leisure activities.

Robust Range and Smooth Driving Experience

Offering a choice of 52.5kWh or 61.1kWh battery packs, the MG5 EV caters to a variety of driving needs with electric-only ranges of up to 214 or 250 miles. This capability ensures seamless travel, from daily errands to extended journeys, without frequent stops for recharging. 

The MG5 EV’s electric motor provides a smooth and agile driving experience, with brisk acceleration times that adapt to the chosen battery capacity, enhancing the enjoyment and practicality of the drive.

Enhanced Connectivity and Comprehensive Safety

Designed with a family-first approach, the MG5 EV features a 10.25-inch colour touchscreen for effortless access to navigation and entertainment, complemented by smartphone integration and MG Pilot - as found on all new MG Electric models. 


Meet the award-winning MG ZS EV, a family-friendly SUV that seamlessly integrates stylish design with cutting-edge efficiency.

Dynamic Exterior and Family-Centric Interior

The MG ZS EV stands out with its bold and contemporary design, marked by a striking grille and seamlessly integrated LED headlights. This design language imparts a unique and futuristic touch, distinguishing the SUV from its peers. The vehicle's dynamic contours and angular rear end emphasize its spirited nature. 

The use of premium materials enhances the cabin's ambience, making it perfect for both daily activities and leisure trips. Complement this with a 470L boot space, and the ZS EV's praise speaks for itself.

Superior Electric Range and Agile Driving Dynamics

Equipped with either a 51.1kWh or 72.6kWh battery pack, the ZS EV presents an impressive range of up to 273 miles, catering to diverse driving demands and ensuring worry-free journeys. The SUV's electric motor provides a refined and agile driving experience, with acceleration times that are responsive and suitable for its class. 

The ZS EV achieves an ideal synergy of eco-friendly efficiency and dynamic performance, meeting the evolving needs of modern families.

Advanced Technology for Comfort and Safety

The ZS EV boasts a 10.1-inch touchscreen infotainment system, offering intuitive control over navigation and media, and easy smartphone integration.

Safety is paramount, with the Trophy Long Range variant featuring a 360-degree parking camera system and ADAS like lane keep assist, ensuring a safe and confident driving experience for everyone on board.

MG HS Hybrid​

Enter a world where practicality meets sustainability in the MG HS Hybrid, a plug-in hybrid SUV that seamlessly merges luxury with environmental consciousness.

Refined Styling and Expansive Cabin Comfort

The MG HS Hybrid captivates with an upgraded design, featuring a prominent grille and seamlessly integrated LED headlights that project a modern MG vision. 

The HS Hybrid offers 448L of boot space and five adults can comfortably enjoy the generous legroom and headroom, surrounded by a cabin adorned with premium materials and a design focused on serenity and comfort. 

Hybrid Efficiency for Modern Driving Demands

Powered by a 1.5-litre turbocharged engine complemented by two electric motors, the HS Hybrid delivers an electric-only range of up to 32 miles, ideal for efficient city driving and reducing environmental impact. 

The flexibility of its hybrid system extends the total range to 330 miles, ensuring readiness for all types of journeys. With a combined output of 258 horsepower, the HS Hybrid provides a driving experience that is both smooth and spirited, effortlessly adapting to varying driving scenarios.

Enhanced Connectivity and Emphasis on Safety

The HS Hybrid is outfitted with a 10.1-inch touchscreen infotainment system, providing effortless access to navigation, media, and smartphone compatibility via Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Access to MG Pilot Suite, 360 parking camera, 7-year warranty and more are within reach in the HS Hybrid - view our offers through the button below or contact an expert today!