What is the Motability Good Condition Bonus 2023?

If you thought the benefits from Motability were already impressive, then prepare yourself for another hidden gem of convenience that could be waiting for you. Reintroduced in October 2022, the Motability Good Condition bonus (then changing to 'Good Condition Payment') rewards Motability customers who keep their cars or accessible vehicles in good condition during their lease. If you meet the requirements (outlined below) by the end of your lease, you can receive a bonus. The gist? The longer the car lease, the bigger the reward!

It's a nice guarantee that encourages Motability users to keep their vehicles in good shape, so when it comes to reselling, everybody benefits. You can even use the bonus to contribute to your next Motability vehicle’s advance payment. Pretty nifty, isn’t it? Read on below to find out just how much Good Condition Payment (GCP) you can take home and don’t forget to check out the helpful FAQs at the bottom.

Table of Contents:

  1. The Motability Good Condition Bonus
  2. Your Eligibility and Getting Paid
  3. Changes to Motability Good Condition Bonus 2023
  4. Motability Good Condition Bonus Best Practices
  5. FAQs

The Motability Good Condition Bonus

So, how does it work? When you return your car or accessible vehicle to Motability, and it's in tip-top shape, they'll treat you to a special 'refund' known as the Good Condition Payment. Here's the scoop: when you collect your new vehicle, Motability sets aside a small portion of the lease value. If your vehicle remains free from any serious damage during the lease, that money comes right back to you! It's like receiving a heartfelt thank-you for being a responsible car owner (we need more gestures like these…).

Let’s go over what the GCP will be, dependent on your lease length. A helpful table is provided below. Essentially, the longer the lease length, the more you will get back. Although most car leases are 36 months, a £250 GCP will go a long way in contributing to a new vehicle on Motability, especially with all the recent new car releases coming out.

Lease Length

Good Condition Payment

36 Months (Standard Car)


48-59 Months (Extended Car)


60-71 Months (Standard WAV)


72+ Months (Extended WAV)


Getting your payment is a little more nuanced than this since the payments have changed.

This is dependent on whether you’ve ordered your vehicle before or after the 1st of October 2022, where you may be eligible to receive an early payment if you’ve ordered the vehicle before this date. Please see the changes to the bonus just below and the FAQs at the bottom of the page to answer your questions.

Your Eligibility and Getting Paid

Worried about eligibility? When you hand back your vehicle, your Motability expert will take a few photos and jot down a brief description of its condition. Minor dents, scratches and wear from mobility aids won't disqualify you. If there's no major damage, you're eligible to claim your Good Condition Payment! Whether you have a low-mileage extension, an insurance claim, or a windscreen/window repair, it won't affect your eligibility. Just be aware that these inspections will be dealt with in a case-by-case situation.

Now, here's the best part – if you've taken great care of your vehicle and qualify for the Good Condition Payment, Motability will handle the rest! No need to fuss with paperwork or claims. They'll automatically process the award and send the money directly to your bank account if you've set up a Motability Scheme Online Account. Otherwise, they'll promptly send you a cheque by mail.

Changes to Motability Good Condition Bonus 2023

The first big change we see, and often confuses, is in the name. The Motability Good Condition Bonus changed to the Good Condition Payment on 1 October 2022. Why? Well, Motability sought to reduce the amount of money paid to customers and changed to name to reflect this. This, in turn, was to 'reduce the impact of some of the rising costs of delivering the Scheme and keep the cost of leases as low as possible'.

What Does This Mean for You? Let's break it down: in the past, customers were eligible for a higher amount of money back – £600 for three-year leases and £900 for five-year leases. Now, with the new Good Condition Payment scheme, customers can receive £250 for three-year leases and £350 for five-year leases, provided they return their vehicles in good condition. While the lower payments may influence your leasing power, they are in place so that the Good Condition Payment can continue to provide you with top-notch services while ensuring affordability for everyone involved.

Motability Good Condition Bonus Best Practices

It's a shared commitment. Remember, when you return your car in good condition, it becomes easier for Motability to resell it, benefiting everyone involved. To boost your chances of scoring that fantastic Good Condition Payment, check out our best tips to help you prepare for the return of your vehicle and ensure it's in the best shape possible

  1. Keys and Cleanliness: It's the little things that make a big difference! Keep all the keys safe and sound, and make sure your vehicle's exterior shines with regular cleaning. And let's not forget the interior – keep it clean and tidy as best you can.
  2. Window and Tyre Check: Before returning your vehicle, take a moment to check the windows and windscreen for any chips or cracks. Also, inspect the tyre treads and pressures to ensure they are in legal condition for safe driving.
  3. Manufacturer Recalls: Respond to all manufacturer recalls promptly, ensuring that faulty parts are replaced. You can quickly check for any outstanding manufacturer safety recalls by entering your registration number on the government website.

Stay tuned for more updates, and as always, we're here to support you every step of the way. Click the link below to speak to one of our Motability Experts today. 

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Will I receive the Good Condition Payment if I've already ordered a car?

If you ordered your vehicle before 1 October 2022, you’ll receive a payment of £350 shortly after you collect it. If you ordered after 1 October 2022, you would not receive this £350 payment.

What will I receive if I've already ordered my next car but waiting for it to arrive?

If you’re an existing customer and have ordered your next car before 1 October 2022, you will receive £350 for your current vehicle, paid according to the outlined timescales. You'll also receive a second £350 payment shortly after you take delivery of your new vehicle. However, if you ordered your next vehicle after 1 October 2022, you would not receive the second £350 payment.

How much will I get at the end of my lease?

If you ordered your vehicle before 1 October 2022, you would receive an early payment of £350 and then £250 at the end of a three-year lease, or £550 at the end of a five-year lease, if your vehicle is returned in good condition. For orders placed from 1 October 2022, the Good Condition Payment is £250 at the end of a three-year lease or £350 for a five-year lease, if your vehicle is returned in good condition.

Can I get the additional £350 payment if I received my Good Condition Bonus early due to COVID-19?

If you requested early payment of your Good Condition Bonus due to COVID-19 and you’re still in the same lease, you would not receive this £350 payment.

What if I am in a lease extension? Will I still receive the payment?

Yes, if you are in a lease extension, you will receive this payment, paid according to the outlined timescales. The amount you receive at the end of your lease will then depend on the duration of your lease extension.

Will I still receive the New Vehicle Payment despite the changes?

The New Vehicle Payment is not affected by this change and will still be paid to eligible customers.

Do the changes affect the amount I receive for my accessibility vehicle/WAV?

No, you will still receive £350 for your WAV if it was ordered before 1 October 2022. The remaining amount you’ll receive when you return your current accessibility vehicle/WAV would then be £550 if you are in a five-year lease (since you ordered it before that date).

What happens if I need to end my lease early?

If your lease ends early for any reason after you’ve received your payment, you will not be asked to pay this back.

Does the Good Condition Payment apply to scooters or powered wheelchairs?

As customers leasing scooters or powered wheelchairs receive an End of Contract Payment rather than a Good Condition Bonus, you will not be affected by these changes.