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How to keep a car cool in the summer!

Summer might be fleetingly short in the UK, but there are still enough baking hot days to make driving seriously uncomfortable. If you choose to take your car on holiday, there is a chance you will experience even more extreme temperatures.

Here are the experts at Eden’s top tips on how to keep a car cool in the summer.

1. Seek out the shade

If you leave a car parked in direct sunlight, you will experience the greenhouse effect on a smaller scale. The sun’s rays will beat through the glass windows and heat the air and surfaces in your car, making it uncomfortable or even unbearable when you get inside. To combat this, seek out shadier spots when you park your car, even if it means walking further to your destination. If you are going to be parked for some time, think about where the sun will be in the sky when you return to the car. A few hours of shade will make it much easier to bear inside.If you can’t find a shadier spot, consider making your own by using a folding windscreen protector which will reflect the sun’s rays away from the interior and keep the controls cool to the touch.

One of Eden’s most popular new models, the Hyundai IONIQ5, can make the most of the sun by having solar panels built into the roof. These can help power the ventilation system even when the car is parked.

2. Make the most out of your air conditioning

Air conditioning is standard on most cars and vans sold by Eden these days and makes driving much more comfortable in warmer weather. It works by removing heat from the air in the cabin in the same way that sweat keeps us cool. If the car is very hot inside, it’s best to get the interior cooler by driving with the windows open for a few minutes before shutting them and letting the air con work its magic. In a car with climate control, set the temperature you find comfortable normally and then press the ‘Auto’ button – the car will work out how to get the air inside to that car as quickly as possible. If your vehicle has manual air conditioning, you can speed up the cooling process by choosing the recirculation button. Your air con will need a little love if it is going to be there when you need it, however. Make sure you turn it on occasionally at all times of the year and ensure you keep your servicing up to date. The experts at Eden will ensure the filters are changed at the specified times and top up the refrigerant levels if necessary.

3. Precondition electric cars

At Eden we are selling more electric and plug-in hybrid cars than ever, and besides the low running costs there is one feature in particular which delights owners – the preconditioning. In winter it means you can set the car to be warm and defrosted in time for your departure, either using and app or a timer built into the car’s infotainment system. But some drivers don’t realise it can also be used in hot weather, so the air conditioning is keeping the interior at a comfortable temperature while the car is parked up. If it is plugged in to a charger at the same time, the system can draw power from the mains grid rather than the car’s battery so you will be able to drive further without needing to charge.

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4. Water and what to wear

Keeping the cars fluid levels topped up is essential to its well-being, especially in hot weather. But you need to think about yourself too. Make sure you have enough water to keep you hydrated on your journey and try an insulated bottle to keep it cool and palatable.

Think about what you are wearing too. Thin, loose clothing is going to be more comfortable but shorts might be unbearable on a hot leather seat. If you are driving a convertible or like having the window open, bear in mind that the cooling breeze will hide the sun’s rays and you may not notice you’re burning. Be sure to wear a hat and apply sunscreen, even if it is mild.

5. Drive when cooler

It may seem simple, but if you don’t need to drive when it is hot and sunny then travel at a different time. If you can reschedule your journey for earlier in the morning or later in the evening then it will be far more pleasant for you, your passengers and your car. As your air conditioning and car’s cooling system won’t have to work so hard you will get much better fuel consumption too.

Plus don't forget our canine friends and always ensure you keep your dog cool in your car!

Dogs struggle to regulate their temperature and this can be potentially very dangerous for a dog in a car.

Whilst all these tips are great for keeping your car cool you should always avoid leaving dogs locked in cars without ventilation.

Keep dog cool in car