Electric Car Batteries​

So you're considering an electric vehicle ev? Well you've come to the right place, here at Eden Motor Group we have a huge choice of the finest EV batteries from Vauxhall, Hyundai, Mazda, Peugeot, Suzuki and MG.

But there is no two ways about it, switching to an electric car is a big change and you've probably got lots of questions, thats why we've trained our team to the highest standards of EV capacity knowledge! Meaning you can drop in at any of our dealerships for advice.

One thing we regularly get asked is how long what is an electric car battery capacity?

We've put together this handy guide to put your mind at ease when considering ev battery pack technology life of your electric car.

How long is electric car battery life?

When the first of the latest generation of electric cars arrived in 2011, the doomsayers speculated that the batteries would need replacing after only a few years and the cars would be useless. It’s easy to see why they might think this, as we had all been experiencing laptops, mobile phones and even toothbrushes which could barely function for a few minutes when they were just a couple of years old. Isobel Sheldon OBE, chief strategy officer of Britishvolt, says that electric car battery life, in modern vehicles are designed to last up to 12 years and 1500-2000 rapid charging and discharging cycles.

Degradation in electric car battery life and electric car warranties

Thankfully, the pessimists were proved wrong and many of those early cars – mainly Nissan Leafs - are still going strong, even after racking up high mileages cars. That’s because the batteries used in electric vehicles are designed to be far more resistant to ‘wear and tear’ – called degradation - than the power packs in cheaper gadgets which might be expected to become obsolete and thrown away after a few years. As a backup, all electric car makers also provide a warranty, usually up to eight years and 100,000 miles.

Do electric car batteries wear out?

The engineers at car makers work hard to minimise the things which hurt electric car battery pack, such as excess heat and cold, by having special conditioning devices which keep the precious cells in the ideal temperature operating range. Owners can also look after their powerpacks by charging carefully and following the advice given by the sales and service advisors at Eden.

EV battery packs are also far more reliable than an engine in a conventional car as there are no moving parts. But even if you are careful, all electric car batteries will still slowly degrade over time and use – just as an engine will. However, the battery cells are designed to last the lifetime of the car and still have a useful capacity after a decade or more.

After they have been used in cars, the power packs are still useful and most will be built into storage banks which will help us make better use of renewable energy storage.

Are electric car batteries covered by a warranty?

Yes, all the electric cars sold by Eden from Vauxhall, Hyundai, Mazda and Peugeot are covered by a manufacturer’s battery warranty which guarantees they will be repaired or replaced if the capacity falls below 70% of its original level within eight years. This is to give owners extra peace of mind about this relatively new technology. The battery in an MG EV is covered by the comprehensive seven-year warranty which covers the whole car.

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