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Update 14/06: The Latest from Torbay

A pretty remarkable difference since we last shared photos from the up-and-coming Torbay dealership!

Originally a big patch of dirt, the new home for Vauxhall in Torquay has now been given shape and form - still got a way to go, but we're really kicking things into high gear now:

Update 03/05: Nearly Done!

Well, okay, not really... but it's certainly getting there!

You can almost imagine that new car smell already:

Update 20/04: And We're Off!

Following the announcement that we're proudly opening an Eden Vauxhall dealership in Torquay, we've rolled out the diggers and are hard at work as you read this. This marks the first dealership Eden Motor Group has constructed from the ground up, so to say we're excited is something of an understatement! Here's how we're looking so far:


Turf-Cutting Ceremony for Eden Motor Group Dealership in Torquay

Five excited members of Eden’s team from South Devon carried out a turf-cutting ceremony this week in Torquay to mark the beginning of the construction of a brand new Retail Centre for Eden Motor Group, which is due for completion towards the end of the year.

This purpose built Vauxhall dealership means that our colleagues and customers, who have been working with a less than ideal ageing facility in Preston, will have a new home.

The new Eden Torbay will represent the best of modern automotive retail design – but perhaps as importantly will give customers easy access and ample parking at the spacious development on Orchard Way, Torquay, adjacent to Newton Road and the South Devon Expressway.

Although Eden Motor Group was founded nine years ago by Graeme Potts, with the purchase of 5 Vauxhall dealerships - including the well-established centres at Marsh Barton, Exeter and Heathpark Way, Honiton - this will be the Group’s first all new purpose built retail centre.

This substantial investment reflects the confidence we have in the Vauxhall brand and the Torbay and wider South Devon market area, and our desire to give customers, new and old, an environment befitting the ‘Better World of Motoring’ promise that drives everything we do at Eden.

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