New Mazda 2 Hybrid Introducing the New Mazda 2 Hybrid Starting from £23,730

Mazda2 Hybrid

Located in Reading, Basingstoke & Taunton

Get ready to experience the new Mazda2 Hybrid. The smart city car that's big on technology, nimble enough to zip around city streets, and small enough to nip into the tightest of parking spaces. Equipped with modern hybrid technology, the Mazda2 Hybrid automatically switches between petrol and electric driving to optimise performance, improve fuel economy and lower emissions. It’s the latest in hybrid technology with no plug required.

Self Charging

The self-charging technology in the Mazda2 Hybrid means hassle-free driving for you! Just fill it up like a normal car, and the battery will charge itself – there's no need for you to change your lifestyle, schedule, or driving habits. The 1.5L engine alone boasts a great fuel economy of 74.3mpg, but in tandem with the 59kW electric motor, you will enjoy a seamless, automated driving experience no matter how you drive.

​Petrol & Electric

Packing the combined performance of petrol and electric motors, the Mazda2 Hybrid will choose the most energy-efficient mode to suit your driving. While the electric motor offers a smooth, quiet and powerful kick from a standstill, the petrol will always be waiting and eager to please. If you'd rather decide for yourself, you have a selection of different driving experiences with 'POWER', 'ECO DRIVE' and 'EV MODE' available at the touch of a button. This is perfect for urban stop-and-go environments and open road driving alike, giving you the freedom to tweak the Mazda 2 hybrid to your liking. 

Safety and Assistance First

Awarded with a 5-start NCAP safety rating, the Mazda2 Hybrid is equipped with a full range of advanced and innovative driver-supporting safety technologies: A Pre-Collision System (PCS) with vehicle, day and night pedestrian and daytime cyclist detection, pre-collision braking and emergency steering assist, Dynamic Radar Cruise Control, and many more. This will make you and your passengers relax with confidence in the Mazda 2 hybrid, all the while also enjoying the drive with the latest tech such as touchscreens, Apple CarPlay, reversing cameras and much more.

Perfect Companion

The Mazda2 Hybrid is the perfect companion for eco-conscious city dwellers who don't want to change their driving habits but are still looking for reliable performance. Modern hybrid technology gives you the best of both petrol and electric worlds, all existing under nimble handling and agile performance in true Mazda fashion. The 2's compact nature means you can fit it into your lifestyle with ease, and its sustainable approach to driving means your next adventure is one ready for the future. Your road to tomorrow begins here.

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