Value your Fiat vehicle

At the time you decide to sell your Fiat car, it's important to know how much the model is worth. Come to Eden Fiat to have your vehicle expertly valued.

There are several factors in the value of your Fiat. If you have taken good care of your car and had it regularly serviced, the residual value will be higher. A complete service history is one of the biggest assets you can hold onto. Having quality tyres and genuine Fiat parts fitted also increases the amount you can get for the car.

To get a quick valuation, enter your details into the form provided.Results come back quickly, and are guaranteed to be up-to-date and based on current vehicle values across the motor industry.

Our Basingstoke team are your local Fiat experts. They'll be happy to give you an accurate estimate for the value of the model in person. Make an appointment today by calling us.