Peugeot Traveller for Sale Introducing the Peugeot Traveller for Sale Starting from £41,980
Peugeot Traveller for Sale



Enjoy a fresh approach to travelling in luxury and wide open spaces with the PEUGEOT Traveller MPV. Discover this family car equipped with a 100% electric motor offering up to 148 miles of range. Featuring a modern front end, the e-Traveller adds an elegant design to a strong personality. The range is adaptable to your desires thanks to its 2 lengths, its modularity to accommodate a large number of people (from 5 to 8 seats) and a boot volume up to 4,900 litres.


Inside, the compact PEUGEOT e-Traveller MPV is dedicated to driver comfort. The step provides easy access to the elevated seating, which dominates the road and offers a saloon-style driving position. The cockpit features a simple and modern design with elegant materials and innovative equipment. 


The hands-free sliding side door feature makes life easier, even when you have your hands full. This unique technology locks and opens the sliding side doors by just moving your foot under the rear bumper of the vehicle. All you need is your electronic key on you.


The rear windscreen conveniently opens so you can still access your boot when opening the tailgate is not possible in a tight parking space.​Enjoy a 1,350-litre boot space. If you remove the third row of seats completely, the boot space increases to 1,978 litres


The PEUGEOT e-Traveller’s specific instrument panel, with its 3.5” colour display matrix, shows essential driving information such as the driving range status and power meter (charge/eco/power​)


The rear-view camera is activated automatically when the vehicle is put in reverse. It provides a 180° aerial view of the rear of your MPV and its surroundings. The rear view includes guidelines that turn with the wheel. If there are any obstacles to the rear of the vehicle the system will automatically zoom in, with additional views available on demand.

100% Electric Engine At once easy to handle in town and safe and powerful on the road, the PEUGEOT e-Traveller is equipped with a 100-kW (136 hp) electric engine. This engine provides instantaneous acceleration thanks to 260-Nm of immediately available torque.
Head-up display Essential information, such as speed, cruise control or speed limiter, time between vehicles, is projected in colour on a retractable display located in the driver's field of vision to aid driving.