e-2008 Introducing the e-2008 Starting from £23,005



The Peugeot e-2008 is an all electric vehicle that not only looks good on the outside, but has many extra benefits to offer. For one thing it’s affordable and produces zero carbon dioxide emissions which makes this car perfect for those looking into more sustainable means of transportation as well!


The stunning  interior features quality materials used in construction while still maintaining a sleek appearance; plus you can charge up at any time thanks our multiple options including 220V charging station near your home or work place (up until midnight).


With such long range capabilities, you'll be able ride nearly 200 miles between charges! There’s really nothing standing between yourself and greener roads. Charge up for just £6 and enjoy the freedom of electric driving.


The e-2008 SUV is so beautifully designed you can't help but take a second look. Its signature 3 claw full LED headlights and fluid lines give it an air of class, which extends to the inside where intuitive driving position await for those who are looking forward in technology.


The e-2008 SUV gives you full control over your drive with 3 modes (Sport, Normal & Eco) that let you tailor it to suit any style.

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Plenty of space

The battery is positioned under the floor, which means that this electric car has exactly same dimensions as its gas counterpart - 434-litres. There's plenty of room in back for five people and two ISOFIX child seats can be installed if needed.

Luxury Tech The latest cars are so tech advanced that they can charge from zero to 80% in as little at 30 minutes. These luxury models come standard with keyless entry, 180° camera front and rear parking sensors heated seats Adaptive Cruise Control Active BLIS - just some of the many features on offer!
3D Display The 3D instrument panel in the e-2008 shows all the information you could need whilst driving, directly in your field of vision. Multiple display modes can be individually customised and optimised to suit your own needs.