508 SPORT ENGINEERED Introducing the 508 SPORT ENGINEERED Starting From POA



With new styling codes modernising the language of performance, the new PEUGEOT SPORT ENGINEERED 508 & 508 SW boast a powerful and impressive posture, magnified by a distinctive bumper, fixed underbody and widened tracks to accommodate the new specific 20 inch alloy wheels.

The new black iconic grille with floating blades, the vertical vanes and other aerodynamic attributes accentuate the efficiency of their dynamic genes. The fluidity of their sleek and clean silhouette is enhanced by the new exclusive “Selenium Grey” colour that is subtly pearlescent and punctuated with a dynamic “Kryptonite” colour signature.


Designed with PEUGEOT SPORT expertise Driving New-Performance.

Offering the perfect combination of sportiness and low-emission technology..


The DRIVE ASSIST PLUS features adaptive cruise control technology which automatically adapts the vehicle speed to that of the one in front, to maintain a constant distance.


The design intelligence and expertise of PEUGEOT SPORT have enabled the interior space and boot volume above the carpet to be maintained and the integration of the three Euro 6/d engines to be optimised for real total power of 360 hp and a combined torque of 520 Nm


At the controls of the PEUGEOT i-COCKPIT®, step up the art of driving and travel.

Appreciate the agility of the compact steering wheel and drive without having to look away, with the new head-up display to display all useful information at eye level.

Safety assured

For optimised driving safety both at night and with reduced visibility, the infra-red camera of the NIGHT VISION system detects the presence of pedestrians or animals in front of the vehicle. The image is displayed in your field of vision on the instrument panel and a warning tone sounds

Big and beautiful With a high-performance chassis, athletic 20" wheel rims, powerful braking and optimised settings to increase the performance of internal combustion and electric engines, the new PEUGEOT SPORT ENGINEERED 508 & 508 SW offers spectacular efficiency*
NEW COMBINED & CAPACITIVE HD TOUCHSCREEN Equipped with graphics specific to the PEUGEOT SPORT ENGINEERED line, the 12.3 inch head-up instrument panel and the 10-inch capacitive HD touchscreen can be customised, allowing the engine speed rev counter or energy flows to be displayed in order to better monitor the engine states.