What your contractual warranty covers:

Other than the restrictions mentioned below, your vehicle's contractual warranty covers the repair or replacement, free of charge, of the parts recognised to be faulty by PEUGEOT or its representative as well as the labour necessary to repair the vehicle. This operation may be performed using either new parts, standard exchange parts or parts in direct warranty.

What the contractual warranty does not cover:

  • Maintenance and servicing operations necessary for the correct operation of your vehicle, mentioned in the Warranty and Maintenance Record, the addition of additive and the replacement of the particle emission filter at the appropriate mileages and the replacement of consumable parts such as the oil, air, fuel or passenger compartment filters,
  • Adjustments or resets (tracking, wheel balancing, front suspension, doors, etc.),
  • The replacement of parts that are subject to normal wear associated with the use of the vehicle, its mileage or its geographic or climatic environment, if this replacement is not the consequence of a fault. This concern the following parts and the maximum limits whereby the replacement relating to a manufacturing defect is accepted:12v ancillaries battery – 24 monthsbrake pads – 6 months/6,000 milesbrake linings and brake discs– 6 months/6,000 milesclutch friction plate, cover and release bearing– 40,000 miles shock absorbers – 40,000 mileswiper blades– 6 months/6,000 milesbulbs (except xenon and led) – 6 months/6,000 miles
  • Vibration and noise linked with the operation of the vehicle, deterioration such as discolouration, alteration or distortion of parts due to normal ageing,
  • Damage caused by the use of fluids, parts or accessories which are not genuine or of equivalent quality, as well as the use of unsuitable or poor quality fuels and the use of any additional additive not recommended by PEUGEOT,
  • Damage caused by natural phenomena, hail, flooding, lightning, storms or other atmospheric hazards, as well as damage caused by accidents, fire or theft,
  • The consequences of repairs, conversions or modifications which may have been carried out on your vehicle by companies which are not approved by the manufacturer, as well as the consequences of fitting accessories which are not approved by the latter,
  • The tyres, which are guaranteed directly by their respective manufacturer. The PEUGEOT network will be able to assist you in approaching the latter,
  • Any other costs that are not specifically covered by this contractual warranty, in particular the costs incurred because of the vehicle being off the road, such as loss of enjoyment or use, etc.

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