Mazda MX-30 Introducing the Mazda MX-30 Starting From £27,495.00


Located in Basingstoke & Taunton

A reinvention of the electric car for the everyday. Contemporary design meets effortless style, with freestyle doors and a spacious, premium interior. Experience a truly synergistic drive, coupling Mazda's unique handling with intelligent e-Skyactiv electric drive technology, designed to take you wherever life leads. The new standard for an electric SUV.


An exciting new interpretation of Kodo design proves the beauty of simplicity. Basic lines, minimalist curves and a friendly face make our first all-electric vehicle very approachable, but unmistakably Mazda.


Our e-Skyactiv technology offers drivers a uniquely smooth, quiet and seamless all-electric driving experience in which the car faithfully and directly responds to the driver’s intentions.


When you are on the go, it will take approximately 36 minutes to charge your Mazda MX 30 when using a DC fast charging station with up to 50kW power. Whilst at home it will take approximately 5 hours using a regular AC charger.


Our suite of connectivity features are engineered to remove the barriers between car and driver, creating a seamless relationship between you and the journey.

Safety assured

The technology in the all-new Mazda MX-30 is not only focused on driving pleasure, but also on delivering a very high level of safety and reliability, with active, passive and battery safety measures expertly integrated for a joyful driving experience. The Mazda MX-30's high-strength body was designed to deliver excellent collision safety performance. The battery is also equipped with a special protective structure to fully shield occupants from the secondary risk of high voltage in the unlikely event of an accident.

Looking good Refined to perfection – from the friendly face to the elegant lines of the body, the exterior of the Mazda MX-30 is a striking example of minimalistic design. Add to this the freestyle doors for a beautiful sense of lightness and freedom.
Tantalising tech While driving, the 7-inch touch-screen displays functions as a climate control panel. Where the air temperature, airflow and heated front seats can all be adjusted. Buttons along the side ensure the system can be used intuitively.