Peugeot 508 SW PHEV Introducing the Peugeot 508 SW PHEV Starting from £34,160



The PEUGEOT 508 SW is a high-end estate with the comfort of a grand tourer, sporty coupé and uncompromised quality. Now there's also all new PLUG IN HYBRID variant perfect for fleets or families alike.


The 508 SW PLUG-IN HYBRID has an elegant and modern design that will make it stand out in any environment. The gloss black connecting strip at the back provides a sleek detail, while its full LED signature lighting shows off Peugeot's new 3D effect.


The PEUGEOT 508 SW is equipped with an i-Cockpit that provides a high tech, intuitive interface for driving pleasure. The 10" capacitive touchscreen serves as both an instrument panel and heads up display so you can see all of your information at one time without taking any eyes off the road!


The Adaptive Cruise Control system uses radars incorporated within the front bumper and a camera on top of your car’s windshield to detect what type or speed limit you are traveling under. With this information, it can adjust accordingly so that both vehicles stay at safe distances from one another while driving down roads without having any need for human intervention! When stopped in traffic heavy situations where there may not always be enough room between cars ahead -such as during an orange light—the ACU will automatically help take pressure off of the driver by slowing down until more space becomes available again before resuming its original cruising pace...


The new PEUGEOT 508 SW PLUG-IN HYBRID has an amazing range of up to 39 miles on a full charge, based off WLTP figures. This means that you can use it for your average daily commute and keep fuel bills low while still enjoying clean air with this electric car!

Safety assured

In order to help you better anticipate the road ahead, the Safety Pack includes Active Safety Brake with the Distance Alert collision warning, Active Lane Keeping Assist and Speed Limit Recognition and Recommendation. The Safety Plus Pack brings with it further safety enhancements including Active Blind Spot Detection (ABSD) and Advanced Driver Attention Alert.

Big and beautiful Compared to the 508 Fastback, the 508 SW is longer and taller. It retains the former’s five-door practicality, of course, ensuring that access to both the rear passenger compartment and capacious boot is never an issue. And despite the increase in size, this estate car is an extremely graceful-looking cruiser, offering plenty of kerb appeal to motorists of discernment.
Infotainment highlights Entry-level Active trims automatically get an eight-inch touchscreen infotainment system, featuring eight loudspeakers, DAB radio, an FM/AM tuner, AUX and USB inputs and Bluetooth connectivity. Also featured as standard are Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, allowing you to use mirroring technology to access your smartphone via the car’s display. And since Bluetooth also enables hands-free telephony, the 508 SW provides at least two ways to operate your phone safely.