As part of the Five Year Triple Care package, our Roadside Assistance Programme provides fives years of free, 24-hour roadside assistance should your car break down anywhere in the UK or Channel Islands - even at your home address.

The benefits are subject to the following terms and conditions:

The vehicle must be covered under the new vehicle warranty, and have been maintained in accordance with the routine maintenance service schedule, using genuine Hyundai parts.

Arrangements for any assistance provision must be made through the Roadside Assistance provider. No benefits or reimbursement will be available if arrangements for assistance provision are made any other way.

Where the vehicle breakdown is away from home and the recovery operator deems recovery of a vehicle necessary, only one journey from the point of breakdown to the nearest Hyundai Dealer, or onward destination, will be provided. Further recovery of any kind will not be available.

Where the vehicle breakdown is at home and the recovery operator deems recovery of a vehicle necessary, only one journey from the point of breakdown to the nearest Hyundai Dealer will be provided.

"Breakdown" is defined as electrical or mechanical failure causing the vehicle to be immobilised. The failure of ancillary components which do not result in actual immobilisation of the vehicle are excluded.

"Accident" is defined as collision between the vehicle and another object, whilst on a categorised public road rendering the vehicle immobile. If the vehicle becomes immobilised due to accident within the United Kingdom or the Channel Isles, the Roadside Assistance provider will arrange for, but not pay for, recovery of the vehicle to a place of storage.

Roadside Assistance Programme is only available in the case of caravans and trailers where the need for assistance or recovery results from a breakdown of the towing vehicle. Caravans and trailers are defined as a normal towed vehicle commercially constructed for towing by a passenger car with a maximum gross weight of not more than the maximum allowable towing weight specified for a particular vehicle by Hyundai. Caravans or trailers having unusual dimensions, insecure loads, or which are not roadworthy will be recovered only at the discretion of the recovery operator.

Recovery is only available where the vehicle is located on a normal metalled road. Recovery from locations requiring specialised equipment or recovery from private land where permission for access to the vehicle cannot be obtained is not covered under the terms of the new vehicle warranty.

Assistance will not be available where, in the opinion of Hyundai, excessive call is made upon the service contrary to the spirit of the benefits offered, or where a lack of maintenance results in the breakdown of the vehicle.

Assistance will not be available where the vehicle is unattended, in an unroadworthy condition, or the lack of a serviceable spare wheel prevents assistance being effected.

In the event of the nature of the breakdown preventing the vehicle from being repaired by the Roadside Assistance service, recovery of the vehicle, (including the driver, up to five passengers, and any attached trailer or caravan) will be made to the nearest authorised Hyundai dealer, or onward destination at the discretion of the recovery operator.

Parts or consumables which are not covered under the terms of the one year Roadside Assistance Programme e.g. fuel, spare keys, etc., but which are required to effect repairs will be charged to the vehicle user.


The Roadside Assistance Programme package is only offered on passenger vehicles for non-commercial use and is not available on vehicles used for hire or reward or commercial purposes. 


In the event of a breakdown (not accident) where the vehicle has been recovered to an authorised Hyundai dealer and cannot be repaired immediately, the Roadside Assistance provider, on request from the customer, will advise on travel arrangements.


Please have the following information ready when you call:

  • Vehicle registration number
  • Model and colour of vehicle
  • Your location
  • A contact telephone number if at all possible.

Note: Calls from a mobile phone must be prefixed with an asterisk (*) and are at the caller's cost.

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