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Get your car checked out this Winter and treat yourself to movie tickets, coffee and cake or new headphones!

Just bring your car in to Eden Motor Group for a 25-point safety check for just £25 and you can choose from one of three treats. Our technicians at Eden Motor Group will check your car to make sure it is fit and healthy, and you can choose whichever gift suits you.

Our Vauxhall Check and Treat Offer:

  • A 25-point point visual health check for £25 - scroll down this page to see the full list of checks carried out
  • Vital fluid top-ups (limited to a maximum of ½ litre) – coolant, brake fluid, screen wash and engine oil
  • A choice of three Vauxhall Treats: Movie Tickets, Coffee & Cake or New Headphones

Our 25-Point Checklist Includes:

Lights / Electrical

  • Mandatory lights (external)
  • Horn / wipers / washers

Brakes / Hubs

  • Brake fluid condition / temperature
  • Master cylinder / servo
  • Linings – pads / shoes
  • Discs / drums
  • Hoses / pipes / cables / wheel bearings

Wheels / Tyres

  • Nearside front
  • Offside front
  • Nearside rear
  • Offside rear
  • Spare
  • Tyre pressures (check and adjust accordingly)

External / Internal

  • Brake noise / feel
  • Clutch / transmission operation
  • Engine noise/smoke
  • Glass / mirrors / wiper blades
  • Seat belts – security and operation


  • Exhaust system / catalyst
  • Steering / suspension
  • Drive shafts / gaiters
  • Oil leaks

Fluid Top-up*

  • Coolant (check and adjust accordingly)
  • Brake fluid (check and adjust accordingly)
  • Screenwash (check and adjust accordingly)
  • Engine oil (check and adjust accordingly)

Under Bonnet

  • Fluid levels – oil / water / coolant / screenwash
  • Fluid leaks – oil / water
  • Battery condition / drive belts

Hard to resist, isn’t it? Contact Eden Motor Group today to book your car in or to find out more.

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