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Vauxhall Crossland X Latest Offers

Buying a new car shouldn't be complicated.

At Eden Vauxhall, it isn't.

When you purchase a brand new car from Eden Vauxhall, we want you to be 100% in control from start to finish. And that includes deciding on a payment plan.

Total flexibility is yours. We want you to tell us how much of a deposit you'd like to put down, as well as how long (or short) a period you'd like to pay off the remaining balance. And no matter what you choose, you won't pay a single penny of interest.

That's 0% APR from 24 to 60 months on your brand new Crossland X, which features:

  • Full Bluetooth connectivity
  • Dual-zone climate control/li>
  • Automatic headlights and wipers
  • Front fog lights
  • 16" alloy wheels
  • Cruise control
  • 7" IntelliLink infotainment

"The arrival of the Vauxhall Crossland X as a replacement for the once-popular Meriva people carrier is further proof of just how important the SUV sector has become to car manufacturers."
- Telegraph