Arrange Your Test Drive

As a loyal customer. are probably aware that Mazda have launched the Mazda2 Hybrid which has now arrived

in our showrooms and is awaiting your Test Drive.

Built on a brand-new platform with Self-Charging hybrid Technology, the Mazda2 Hybrid is the perfect companion

for eco-conscious city dwellers who don't want to change their driving habits.

You can secure..

...a £1,000 Loyalty Bonus from Eden if you place an order to

upgrade before 30th June 2022. We know you will have loved your Mazda and

we have high demand for cars like yours, so you can be guaranteed an

exceptional price as a part exchange and benefit from a highly competitive

finance offer from Mazda. This promotion is ONLY AVAILABLE because

you are an existing Mazda customer!

We would love.. share what we know about this exciting new car and take a look at your

existing Mazda. There is no commitment to purchase, but if you are as

enthusiastic as we are about the Mazda2 Hybrid, then it would be a shame to miss out on

your loyalty bonus.

Arrange Your Test Drive

Take a more in depth look at the new Mazda2 hybrid here!