Santa Fe Plug-In Hybrid Introducing the Santa Fe Plug-In Hybrid Starting From POA



The new Santa Fe Plug-in Hybrid is an all in one vehicle that can run on its petrol engine or electric motor, giving you more options for how to get around town. The best part? You have plenty of power with 265 PS output at your fingertips.


Hybrids are the perfect solution for those who want to do their shorter journeys on electric power, but want options when it comes time make longer trips. The plug-in Hybrid will automatically switch over into hybrid mode giving you complete confidence that nothing is out of sorts or wrong with your vehicle.


The new Santa Fe Plug-in Hybrid is taking fuel efficiency to the next level, all without you having change your driving habits or charge a battery. The hybrid seamlessly switches between an electric motor and conventional engine - sometimes using both at once.


The new Santa Fe Plug-in Hybrid is the perfect car for those who want to save gas but still have plenty of room. With its highly versatile seating system and intelligent features like Smart Power Tailgate, it offers you comfort wherever your journey may take you.


Step into the luxurious cabin of Hyundai’s latest model and you will be greeted with soft touch materials and premium leather accents throughout your journey. And if that's not enough for those who want even more comfort then opt in to their first-ever Luxury pack which includes heated front seats as well.

Optimum power

The new SANTA FE is based on the all-new third-generation Hyundai vehicle platform, which allows for significant improvements in performance, handling, fuel efficiency and safety.

Impressive style The Santa Fe is beautifully crafted and looks good from every angle. While the vibrant colour palette including shades such as Horizon Red, Lava Orange and Typhoon Silver instantly attract attention, modern features such as the full LED headlamps and LED Daytime Running Lights improve visibility. The signature cascading front grille is also an easily identifiable feature of the Santa Fe, as is the twin panel panoramic sunroof.
Sophisticated interior The new Santa Fe is all about bringing a touch of sophistication and class to everyday life. That’s why every inch of the interior has been beautifully sculpted to look and feel good. High-quality materials as well as two-tone colour finishes on selected models allow for optimum customisation, while soft touch plastics deliver a refined feel.