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The team at Eden Approved are committed to helping you find the perfect car at a price you’ll love, and we’ll also take all the time you need to explore the best financing options for you and your next vehicle.

Broadly speaking, Eden Approved customers purchase their vehicles via two main types of payment package. These are:

Hire Purchase Financing (HP)

Looking to own a car outright? Hire Purchase may be your best bet.

Buying your car on a HP agreement comes with several attractions, chief among them being that you will legally and fully own the car at the end of the payment period. No large, one-off final payments and no further obligations: the car is now yours to do with as you wish, whether that’s continuing to drive it, selling it on or part-exchanging it for another vehicle.

In addition, another benefit of HP is that you always have the option of paying off your loan early, with none of the penalties associated with personal finance loans. Also unlike many bank loans, your monthly repayments won’t fluctuate based on interest rates – your agreed monthly figure is what you’ll pay for the duration of the term.


Personal Contract Purchase (PCP)

PCP agreements are an excellent choice for buyers who like to keep their monthly payments as low as possible, and those who love to drive something new every few years.

At the end of the term (typically between 24 to 48 months) you’ll have the opportunity to pay a one-off final payment – agreed upon in advance – and take full ownership of the car.

Alternatively, you can instead forego this payment and return the car to the dealership instead, freeing you to take a different vehicle.

Given that the final payment isn’t included in the spread of monthly payments, these are often a lot lower than with a Hire Purchase agreement (and, consequently, tends to mean you’ll be able to afford a higher-specification car.) However, it’s important to note that mileage limits may apply to your PCP deal – again, these will be agreed well in advance of you signing on the dotted line.


Who Will Provide My Vehicle Financing?

Eden Approved works with a number of trusted and reputable finance partners to make sure you’re offered the very best financing package available.