It is important to ensure that the tyres on your vehicle are properly maintained and kept in good condition. Allowing your tyres to deteriorate will affect your vehicle's performance, as well as its levels of safety.

At Eden Motor Group, we are happy to inspect your tyres, and make sure that they are within regulation size and type for your vehicle. We stock a wide range of tyres from leading manufacturers across the country, enabling a high level of choice for you and the needs of your vehicle. We have tyres of different tread patterns and compounds, and also supply winter tyres for the colder months.

We are fully equipped to install tyres on any personal car or commercial vehicle, and will do so by the standards and regulations set for vehicle tyres within the UK. If you would like to discuss what tyres and tread types would be best for your car and the manner of journey you take, we are happy to help you.

Contact Eden Fiat today if you have any questions regarding our tyres and tyre sales. Visit your nearest dealership, contact us through our telephone number, or leave your details with us through the use of our online enquiry form.