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Fiat 500 Electric For Sale

Located in Basingstoke

This Fiat 500 electric for sale is a vehicle that combines modernity and nostalgia to create a car with personality. The ‘new’ 500 was reinvented in 2007, but it's about be superseded by its third generation—which features even more incredible features than ever before!


The sleek, two-spoke steering wheel is enhanced by its flat bottom and grip handle. It also features ergonomic controls for an easy driving experience with improved visibility towards the cluster! This modern design has been inspired from one of our favourite cars - The 1957 Fiat 500...and we're not just talking about their looks either because it comes complete with the iconic 500 logo on the wheel as well.


The all new 500 Action hatchback is a city car that offers an innovative driving experience with its right-hand pedal both for acceleration and deceleration. When you lift up on this single control, the vehicle will slow down then convert kinetic energy into electric power to recharge your battery!


The all-new 500 Action hatchback not only looks great but it has an innovative battery that allows for up to 30 miles of driving after 6 minutes of charging, with 80% capacity in just 30 minutes. With the included mode 3 cable, you can use this vehicle at any fast charger public station making your journey much easier!

Living with it

Your smartphone is your car's new best friend. Connect it to the 500 Action’s Bluetooth, and place in its own cradle: you'll be able access everything from navigation software to all of those music apps on there too.

fiat 500 electric for sale
fiat 500 electric for sale
fiat 500 electric for sale
fiat 500 electric for sale
fiat 500 electric for sale
fiat 500 electric for sale

Safety on the go

Driver fatigue will no longer be a problem: the all-new 500 Action hatchback helps you to stay alert behind the wheel. The system can detect the initial signs of fatigue by monitoring lateral movements of the vehicle, advising you to take a break where necessary via a visual and acoustic warning on the instrument cluster.

Maintain total control with the 7’’ digital cluster A fully-digital instrument cluster that evokes the iconic style of the 1957 500 ensures that you’re able to maintain complete control of all the vehicles parameters, including speed, safety systems, charging status and driving mode
Crafted for the city Range autonomy covers your daily commute in the city: travel to work, stop off at the gym and head home again within the up to 115 mile range. Activate ‘Sherpa Mode’ to save energy while optimising your car’s parameters, including mobile charger and air-conditioning, or limiting speed and acceleration.