Fiat 500 Electric

The Fiat 500 is a 21st-century version of a car of the same name that made its debut in 1957. Reinvented in 2007, the ‘new’ 500 became a phenomenal hit but it’s about to be superseded by the new all-electric, third-generation 500. Keeping the same iconic styling but now packed with even more incredible features and technology.


The new two-spoke steering wheel is enhanced by its flat bottom, grip handle, ergonomic controls and improved visibility towards the cluster. Inspired by the ’57 Fiat 500 and modernised with an innovative new design, it is crowned by the iconic 500 logo.


The all new 500 Action hatchback is one of the first electric cars to offer a new driving experience, using the right-hand pedal both to accelerate and decelerate. Any time the driver lifts the right foot from the pedal, the city car slows down, then converts and recovers kinetic energy to generate electric power and recharge the battery


The all-new 500 Action hatchback can be fast charged at 50 kw, allowing a full day driving in the time it takes for a coffee break time: 30 miles from a 6 minutes charge, and 80% of full battery charge in 30 minutes. As it comes as a standard, you can use it in any fast charging public station with the included mode 3 cable.

Living with it

Your smartphone is the centre of the all-new 500 Action hatchback’s connectivity. Pair your smartphone to your vehicle’s Bluetooth, and place your device in its dedicated cradle: it’s the perfect place to store it safely while accessing all functions, including navigation, music, and much more..